Where to meditate in Chiang Mai

A comprehensive list of the best places in Chiang Mai to neditate and free your mind.

By | Wed 14 Aug 2013

All over the world interest in meditation has increased. Living a healthy lifestyle and meditation now go hand in hand, so it is fortunate that here in Chiang Mai there are plenty of places to learn how to meditate.

Contrary to what many people think, meditation does not just mean thinking or concentrating about one thing, or even attempting to think about nothing at all, but simply focusing on your breathing and relaxing.

In Thailand Vipassana meditation is often practiced and this starts with learning the Anapana technique, i.e. focusing on your breathing.

If you are in Chiang Mai you can book a place in one of the monasteries to learn meditation. Such courses usually last from 2 to 26 days. It is important to book in advance as centres do fill up.

There are no requirements for people to be a participant in the course. However, because a lot of courses are in temples, there will be some rules which have to be followed and certain requirements as to suitable clothing.

Courses are usually free, though donations for food and the upkeep of the centre are accepted.

All necessary information can be found at these meditation centres listed below. We have picked these places because here your meditation course can be taken in English.

To really gain from meditation you must keep it up after you leave the retreat or temple

Meditation Centres in Chiang Mai:

Insight Meditation Center

Wat Phrathat Sri Chom Tong

Ban Luang,

Chom Tong

Chiang Mai

Email: reservationchomtong@yahoo.com / kathrynchindaporn@yahoo.com

Tel: +66 (0)53-826869

International Buddhist Education and Meditation Center

Wat Umong


Chiang Mai

E-mail: meditationedu@yahoo.com

Tel: +66 (0)53-810965

International Buddhism Center

Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep


Chiang Mai

E-mail: doisuthepinfo@gmail.com

Tel: +66 (0)53-295012


Monk Chat


MCU. Buddhist University Chiang Mai Campus

Wat Suan Dok

Suthep Road

Chiang Mai

Tel. +66 (0)53-278967 Ext. 210 Mobile 084-6091357


Northern Insight Meditation Center

Wat Rampoeng

Chiang Mai

E-mail: watrampoeng@hotmail.com

Tel: +66 (0)53-278620 Ext.13

Thailand Vipassana Centre

Dhamma Simanta

200 Moo 1

Baan Nongsroi




E-mail: info@simanta.dhamma.org