Something different this Valentine’s Day

By | Tue 14 Feb 2023

InClay Studio Pottery

You might have not watched Ghost, but you must have seen one of the most classic and romantic scenes in movie history where Sam and Molly make pottery together. Now, how about pottery, but with nature and a 12-year-old mascot chicken named Popcorn? Yeah they got everything and more at InClay Studio!

InClay Studio has been adding a little more romance and fun to the city of Chiang Mai everyday for the past 13 years, not only can you experience making pottery, you also get to bring home the little something you’ve made during the lesson 2 weeks later, after the delicate process of firing and glazing (you can go to the studio to pick it up depending on the studio’s schedule, or the studio will mail it to you anywhere in the world *shipping fee not included in lesson fee*).

If you’ve never made pottery before, the lessons are open for booking every Friday and Saturday from 10am to 3pm (4-hour lesson, lunch not included, 500THB/person deposit), you can choose between a hand-building class (990THB/person) and wheel-throwing class (1,590THB/person), and of course, the lessons are available in both English and Thai. On the other hand, if you already are pretty skillful in pottery, InClay Studio also offers rentals for equipment and facilities from Sunday to Thursday; the price falls on 500THB/day or 3,000THB/10 times.

To learn more details and make appointments, do feel free to contact InClay Studio on their social media pages:





Baan Kang Wat

Crafts are cool, but cafés and picnics are romantic too! So what about somewhere with cute cafés, exquisite snacks, AND craft workshops?

Baan Kang Wat is a place where authentic cafés and handicrafts gather. From homemade ice cream to hand-painted postcards, from Thai basil minced pork with rice on banana leaves to craft skincare products… There’s more than you would expect.

Watch cats wander around, bring some portraits home to decorate the walls, try on a linen dress or two, or just sit down for a cup of real coffee and chat for an entire afternoon, Baan Kang Wat will definitely fulfill the Valentine’s Day you have planned in mind.




Chiang Mai Ice Arena Central Festival

AC sure is cool in this tropical weather, but you know what’s even cooler than that? Ice skating.

Shopping malls have always been such hot shots for Valentine’s Days, but there’s more than shopping and dining at Central Festival.

Ice Arena is on the 3rd floor right next to the banking zone, open everyday from 11am to 7pm. The price of a single standard session (1 hour 45 minutes) varies from 200THB/person to 250THB/person depending on different time slots of the day, and a full day pass is 600THB/person.

I mean, seriously, what’s more unexpected and romantic than ice skating in Thailand? Literally nothing. So bring your winter coats and sweaters that you never get to wear, and hold your valentine’s hands real tight because one thing I can tell you is, it’s real slippery in here!


Location: Central Festival 3rd floor


Major Cineplex – IMAX

Did you know that this year’s the 25th anniversary of Titanic? As a movie that has always been one of the most significant legends of romance, it’s back in cinemas from February 9th to February 14th at Major Cineplex Central Festival.

Not only will it be in IMAX, which makes any movie more than just a movie but more of an experience, there will be ultimate double seats that are separated from all other seats available as well (bring tissues and cry as much as you want, nobody will hear you being seated that far away).

What’s more romantic on Valentine’s Day than debating on whether or not Jack could’ve lived if Rose just scooted over a little bit on that door? Well, it’s time to bring that sparkle back this year.


App for booking: Major Cineplex