Brewginning: a local coffee house and it’s social media following

Peeranut Karbpeng’s ‘Brewginning’ is home to great coffee and photo ops.

By | Wed 15 Jun 2022

Need a pick-me-up? Head over to Brewginning for a handcrafted latté, piccolo, mocha, and more! This modern coffee house is located on the corner of Chang Moi Road and is constantly bustling with both locals and tourists. The café has obtained a significant amount of attention from tourists, especially those invested in social media. After getting their caffeine, tourists will often migrate to the street to pose for photos. Such photo shoots consist of posing with the wicker baskets, bags, and furniture from the adjacent store, Honey Rattan (หวายน้ำผึ้ง), or with the posters in the seating area further down the road. However, the most popular photo-op would be next to the Chang Moi Kao Road sign, which occasionally has a queue of waiting photographers.

The owner, Peeranut Karbpeng, began his coffee business just two years ago. When asked about the reasoning behind the photo-frenzy, Peeranut recalled a social media influencer coming to this location a year or so ago. According to Peeranut, the influencer had taken a photo with the same road sign, and so came the foreign and Thai tourists to create their own version of the image. Peeranut is quite proud of Brewginning, but his long-term goal takes place abroad. In about 7 years, Peeranut hopes to take his business to Sydney, Australia to showcase his coffee-making expertise.