An Evening Paddle Down the Mae Ping

By | Tue 5 Jul 2022

Yesterday evening, I had the pleasure of joining Aidan Schmer, the owner of ‘Chiang Mai Mountain Biking and Kayaks’ for an evening paddle down the Mae Ping River. I met Aidan at his company’s location on Sridonchai Road, where I was introduced to my fellow tour attendees: Yvonne and Desmond. At 6 pm all three of us were loaded into the back of the truck, kayaks piled high on the attached trailer, and off we went to our launch point.

Our 6km cruise began across the street from Wat Taa-Luk, where Aidan gave us a quick debriefing on basic kayaking safety while equipping us with life jackets, whistles, headlamps, and fishing-lure-like tag lights. With gear intact and the help of Aidan’s trusty employee, Golf, we were pushed out and on our way down the Mae Ping. Our easy trek down the Mae Ping River began as daylight faded, so we enjoyed the sunset in our more rural surroundings. As we got closer to the city, many river-side restaurants lined the shore busy with the evening dinner rush. How wonderfully interesting it was to witness these restaurant scenes from the river as we got snippets of the live music performances and on-the-town energy. As we approached the Warorot Market we were greeted with a spectacular light show from the bustling nightlife and the colour-changing displays on the Chansom Memorial Bridge, Nawarat Bridge, and the iconic Iron Bridge.

Throughout the paddle, I got to have wonderful conversations with my fellow kayakers. Desmond and Yvonne are a lovely couple from Singapore who are excited to spend some quality time in Thailand. Desmond had sneakily played the fool earlier in the expedition, claiming that he’d never been in a kayak before today. Later Desmond confessed not only had he kayaked before, but he is also a guide back in Singapore.

I spoke with Aidan about his time growing up in Hawaii where his love for water sports first began. After 20 years on the islands, Aidan decided he needed a change and moved to Chiang Mai where his kayaking business began. Aidan expressed how happy he was to be back out doing tours again, there were moments during the pandemic that made him concerned for the future of his company.

‘Chiang Mai Mountain Biking and Kayaks’ hosts a variety of kayaking trips for all types of adventurers. Adrenaline junkies might want to consider his tour through the Chiang Dao jungle where kayakers will experience hours of tight turns and miniature rapids. Aidan’s company also hosts numerous opportunities for those interested in mountain biking in both Chiang Dao and Doi Suthep National Park. Come find your ideal adventure with ‘Chiang Mai Mountain Biking and Kayaks’!

Big thanks to Aidan, Yvonne, and Desmond for a great evening!