Young photographer captures Chiang Mai moments

Thomas Alain Michel Leonetti a keen photographer captured his take on Chiang Mai life druring a recent visit to the city.

By | Tue 1 Oct 2019

Thomas Alain Michel Leonetti is a junior at Lake Forest Academy outside Chicago. He’s a Yale Young Global Scholar and Parkour athlete and creator of Aeolus Parkour, an initiative that raises community support for the homeless in Chicago. Thomas expanded his community service aspirations towards Southeast Asia and recently completed an internship in Chiang Mai, Thailand with Loop Abroad, a study-abroad programme that focuses on veterinary services and conservation around the world.

He is also the creator of Freetutoringonline, a social enterprise that provides free peer tutoring for students in underserved communities. He is passionate about social entrepreneurship, photography, film and Parkour.

He has asked to share some of his photos from his recent experiences exploring Northern Thailand. All photographs by Thomas Alain Michel Leonetti.