Sunday Walking Street back in full swing!

By | Mon 13 Jun 2022

Welcome back to the Sunday Street Market, one of the most iconic scenes from Chiang Mai.

The Sunday Street Market is back and better than ever! The atmosphere last night had infectious energy from both the local and tourist shoppers. Getting in requires a mask and a temperature scan, but after that, you are free to enjoy all that Rachadamnoen has to offer from the numerous stands selling all sorts of fun items from handmade glass animal statues to beautiful postcards for just 10 baht. When wandering into the courtyard of Wat Phan On, be prepared to be ambushed by the incredible smells of local food vendors. Take a look at the photos below for just a few of the scenes from this Sunday’s Street Market.

A tourist poses in front of the Tha Phae Gate right in front of the Sunday Street Market.
A ground view of the Sunday Street Market this past weekend. The energy from the crowd was infectious as tourists and locals alike gathered for some bargains and great food.
An aerial views of Soi Rachadamnoen from the second floor of Tha Phae Grill. The night was young, but there were already plenty of shoppers filling in.
Just one of the many carts filled with delicious treats on the Sunday Street Market.
A local band kept the atmposhere lively while shoppers browsed the numerous stands and carts.
Shoppers make conversation with the stand owner. Handmade art, trinkets and clothing are a speciality of the Sunday Street Market.
Three girls compare different a few sets of patterned pants.
A performer plays the phin, a type of lute which orginated in Thailand.

A festive group walks by with a variety of percussion instruments while singing.
As the sun sets on the Sunday Market, certain stands get to show off their light displays.
A street-cart-cook makes Kanom Krok, a delicious thai coconut pancake.
Welcome to the food market in the courtyard of Wat Phan On. While you dine on local favorites you can hear the chantings of Buddhist monks in the temple.
Two girls selling homemade trinkets walk together up the Sunday Street Market.
A golden Buddah sits in the courtyard of Wat Phan On just as dusk comes upon Chiang Mai.