Payap Lifelong Learning Centre – More than just Lifelong Learning

By | Thu 23 Feb 2023

Payap Lifelong Learning Centre is a self-supporting non-profit community centre under the International Relations Office at Payap University; it plays an integral role in providing the general public with affordable high-quality programmes presented in English by local residents and university faculty members.  

Recently settled in a newly renovated building with wonderful handicap accessible facilities on the Payap University Keaw Nawarat Campus, the LLL Centre is ready to provide opportunities and space for anyone from any background and of any age group who is passionate about sharing and exchanging knowledge and opinions with others.

The goal of the LLL Centre is to provide an innovative learning environment that actively

promotes local and international residents’ cognitive and physical development, through a variety of activities for participants to engage in. Through non-credit short courses, lectures, demonstrations, discussions, faculty-led excursions, and physical exercise, participants are offered information on various topics, including:

– arts and literature

– science, environment, and technology

– history and culture

– religion and philosophy

– social, political, economic issues in Thailand and SEA

– health and wellness

In addition to the academic offerings, the LLL Centre has developed a library, with donated books and films, that is currently open to the public; most of the books are SEA-related while some other types can also be found. All the books are currently only available within the Centre since it was only relocated last October, however people will soon be able to borrow the books once the system is complete.

The LLL Centre is open year-round from 9:30am to 3:30pm on Mondays through Fridays, excluding holidays. During April, however, no academic activities are scheduled.

Payap Lifelong Learning is an exciting organisation that provides learning opportunities for all.  If anywhere can help you gain the skills and knowledge you want to enrich your life, get out of your comfort zone, and explore different cultures and languages and experiences, this is it!

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