Now open – support Chiang Mai’s restaurants!

By | Mon 4 May 2020

Rejoice! Chiang Mai’s restaurants (at least some of them) are back in business and able to serve customers in their establishments for the first time since March 23rd. It has been a painful time for Chiang Mai’s restaurant businesses. Covid-19 and the ban on opening have walloped them. Restaurant businesses typically have high overheads and large wage bills and this period has been harder on them than almost any other sector with some already going to the wall.

Many restaurants have displayed ingenuity and tenacity throughout the lockdown by increasing their takeaway and delivery service. However, those revenues, particularly without beverage sales, can never replace ordinary trading conditions. It has caused hardship among owners and staff alike.

Chiang Mai’s richly diverse restaurant sector is a highlight of our city, and one of the things that make is such a great place to live. It is also one of the reasons that 11 million visitors were attracted to Chiang Mai in the time before Covid. Our restaurants are part of the fabric of the city and we think it is vital to support this critical industry on which so many people depend for their livelihoods. It may be a while before visitors return in those numbers, so we urge everyone to support their favourite restaurants, whether that is dining in, taking away or ordering delivery.

Below is a list of restaurants that have announced they will open today while following government advice on health and safety. Please support them and all our local restaurants that contribute so much to our quality of life.

*we have not been able to verify all the information below with the restaurants, please call before travelling, In any case, it would be advisable to call in advance, we are sure you will have a very warm welcome.

Accha Indian Restaurant – from 3 May – open 10.30am until 9pm (last orders 8.30pm). Call 099-291-1551

Acobaleno Italian Restaurant – from May 3 – 11am – 9 pm Call 053 306 254

Alt House Gallery – from 3 May (booking in advance) Call 095-235-9037

Archers – 8am-9pm Call 084-186-5788

Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant  open Friday to Tuesday – 11.30am-8pm. Call 083 581 168

Cheevit Cheeva (Chiangmai branch only) – start 3 May. Call 088-564-6441

Chef Tao Thai Cuisine – from 4 May. Call 064-168-9535

Chez Marco – from 3 May – 12 noon until 8.30pm. Call 081-696-9508

The Consul Garden – from 3 May – 10.00am-6pm. Call 089-888-9339 (Please note: Le coq d’or not open yet)

The Good View Village Restaurant – from 3 may, 4 pm until 9pm. Call 096-134-4927

The Good View All Day Restaurant – from 3 May – 9am until 9 pm. Call 053-904406-8

Gymkhana Club – from 3 May – 7am until 7pm. Restaurant open, as well as golf, tennis and squash. Call 053-247-352

Hummus (Old City) – from 3 May – daily For sit in 11:30am untill 8.30pm.  For take away and delivery 10:45am untill 8.45pm.

Hummus (Kad Farang) – from 3 May – open Tuesday to Sunday for take away and delivery 11am to 7pm Call 099-298-5222

Ketawa Pet Friendly Café – from 4 May – 7am until 6pm (Wednesday 7am until 3pm). Call 083-9795226

Italasia Boutique N- from 3 May – 10am until 2pm and 5pm until 8pm. Call 082 761 8699

Le Spice Indian Restaurant Start 3 May – no confirmation on hours (please call. Call 053-234-983

Mix Restaurant & Bar – from May 3 -11am-9pm. Call 089 433 3332

Nic’s Restaurant & Playground – from 3 May – 11:30am – 9pm. Call 0870 073 769

Pawadee Eatery at Pawtel Mae Rim – from 3 May – 9am-5pm (closed Saturday & Sunday). Call 053-044-565

Rajdabar Indian Restaurant – from 7 May – 11am until 9pm. Call 0829 292 985 0947172276

Rose’s Roadhouse – 3 May – 11am till 930pm (closed Tuesdays) 0945 418 959

Saruda Finest Pastry from 10 am – 9pm Call 063 867 0868

Sheryl’s Bar – 15 May – 10am-9pm Call 0800 303 542

Sipolle By Chef Dan – 3 May – 11am until 8pm. Call 094-725-1125

Somtum House – from – 10:30am until 8 pm. Call 094 629 1596

The Red Box Restaurant – from May 3 – 11am-8pm

Tengoku De Cuisine (Mae On Branch Only) Opening May 8,9 & 10 – 11.30am until 8.30pm. Call 081-885-5959

Terra/The Farmers Bar – from 4 May – 12 noon until 8pm. Call 098-941-4149

Uchi Japanese Gusto Bar – from 4 May. Call 082-661-9252

The Vorra Baristro (Old City Branch) – from 3 May. Call 053-278-780

Why Not Italian Restaurant – from 3 May – 3pm until 9pm Call 053-289-262

Wild Hog Saloon – from 4 May – 12 noon until 9pm. Call 061-339-1615

Yummy Pizza – from 5 May – 10am until 9pm. Call 080-122-2561

Bella Goose Cafe – from 3 May, open Monday-Saturday, 7am-4pm. Call 092-564-2708

Euro Dinner – Daily open 8am – 10pm.  Call 053-289583