Monk Chat: tips for happiness

Chiang Mai’s Monk Chat provides visitors with a unique opportunity for visitors to experience Buddhism by chatting with monks.

By | Mon 10 Sep 2018

Being an ancient city in a Buddhist country with many visitors curious about our customs, beliefs and traditions, Chiang Mai’s Monk Chat, founded in 2000, provides visitors with a unique opportunity for visitors to experience Buddhism by chatting with monks, asking questions about Buddhism, culture, tradition, ways of life of monks or simply meditating.

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The Monk Chat Programme on behalf of Mahachulalongkornrajvidalaya Buddhist University, Chiang Mai Campus, welcomes all to visit and informally talk with monks.

In addition, Monk Chat also provides a Meditation Retreat Workshop (Concentration Meditation and Vipassana Meditation) which is the way to make the mind peaceful, and to develop transcendent insight which penetrates into the truth of life.


This is a tip we often tell foreigners when they come to visit us as following:

The human mind, it is like an animal mind, sometimes is governed by animal instinct. But sometimes, it is not like animal mind because the human’s mind can be trained for higher value. The Buddha said that ” Valuable man is those who are trained, but untrained human is not a valuable human” from this Buddha’s words, we can see that how humans differ from the animal. Animals have no religions, political, ethnic, economic system. They fight only for their food, shelter and sex. But we as a human have the potential to achieve the highest value by following what the Buddha pointed. What he has pointed is the path called The Noble Eightfold Path:
consist of
1.Right understanding
2.Right thought
3.Right speech
4.Right action
5.Right livelihood
6.Right effort
7.Right mindfulness
8.Right concentration

These are the path leading to the real happiness.

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