Metta Charity, beneficiary of Citylife Garden Fair 2022

By | Tue 22 Nov 2022

Created in 2010 with four pillars of service in mind; to stop human trafficking, stop child labor, bring better health care to vulnerable children and to bring children education and opportunities for a brighter future. The foundation now serves 400 children in small, homeschool groups through villages in Tak Province, Pho Phra District, in some of the most remote and isolated areas where aid doesn’t typically reach. The foundation has also started an accredited GED programme and sent two students to university last year. The next step for them is to build their own centre, and they have already purchased the land from generous donations. The 400 children and 30 more young adults who are in line to start the GED programme need a safe, stable, hygienic, centrally located school where they can study, while their parents who are largely agricultural workers on the surrounding lands can work without worrying for their children’s safety. 

The school’s construction will include a small kitchen so the students can be provided a healthy, nourishing daily lunch, enough toilets for proper sanitation (which is lacking in the small village homeschools that they are currently in) and dorm rooms for the young adults in the GED programme. It will serve children from Kindergarten to Grade 10 and upon completion of their exams, they can enter the GED programme and go on to higher studies. 

Through the years, Metta Charity has been a source of emergency food rations, medicine, legal help, and even taking on difficult medical cases to help vulnerable people get access to care. During the Covid19 pandemic, they started providing monthly, life saving rations of rice and other essentials to the families of their students to encourage the families to keep their children in school and support them at the same time. In just the last year, they have helped nearly 200 people be freed from slavery through their outreach and anti human trafficking work, they work closely with the Thai authorities on these cases to bring justice to the perpetrators. They are a constant source of aid to IDPs and refugees along the border, providing life saving food and legal support when needed.

They aim to support whole families, so they may be together, healthy, safe and with hope for a better future. 

Citylife Garden Fair 2022 will donate ALL funds raised from raffle ticket sales and a live auction to this honorable work…

Unfortunately their website has been hacked so we are unable to provide anything more than a Facebook link: