Flee the worries of the world and head to Mae Hong Son

Mae Hong Son province is a spectacular destination filled with culture, nature and surprises

By | Thu 22 Apr 2021

Mae Hong Son is a whole lotta more than Pai. This month Citylife is invited by Mae Hong Son’s office of tourism and sports to visit a few non-Pai destinations, and we loved it.

Nature lovers: Make your way to the Mok Jam Pae-Mae Sanga royal project where a wonderful stream runs under shady canopies of lush green trees, a charming bamboo bridge connects the two banks and a tented camp beckons.

Culture vultures: There are wonderful temples, festivals, and other cultural activities to be had in Mae Hong Son such as the 500 metre long Kho Kuu So Bamboo Bridge, which claims the title of the world’s longest bamboo bridge, a wonderful structure which zigs and zags across paddy fields connecting a temple to its flock.

Lifestyle indulgers: There are all manner of charming cafes, hidden resorts, quaint shops and fascinating finds in Mae Hong Son. Why not simply get into a car/bike and take a drive, discovering memories as you go.

For more info:
Mae Hong Son Provincial Tourism and Sports Office Tel. 053 611 146
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