Pride and predjudices

By | Sun 19 Jun 2022


While Pim’s Multiple Personalities has, to date, interviewed Chiang Mai residents who we find fascinating and enjoy chatting with, this week we reach our arm to Bangkok to grab Oat Montien for a chat. Why? Well, because he is fabulous and frankly, you all need to get to know him!Oat Montien, 33, is a gay artist, museologist, galleryist, author and one of the most prominent voices in Thailand’s LGBTQIA+ movement today. He is also the fiancé of one of Chiang Mai’s favourite pianists, Belgian Jonas Dept, who left Chiang Mai for Bangkok when he fell in love with Oat many years ago. And since Pim is Jonas’s best man at his wedding to Oat, well, it led to a great chat!Oat grew up in a brothel, of all unlikely places; at eight years old tasked with lighting up the naked ladies at the monthly nude parties. It was this love of light and nudes that inspired much of his love of and success as an artist, his nude paintings and pastels of naked men making such waves, it reached the shores of Los Angeles where he is about to join a residency for three months. He is currently working on a project which will be bouging up Patpong, Bangkok’s notorious red light district, by helping to curate the Patpong Museum, just one of many new projects which will herald a new age for the notorious area. He has won multiple awards, written six books, and has plenty of opinions on, well…everything! Fun, chatty, intelligent, well read and erudite, we hope you enjoy getting to know Oat Montien and our conversation about art, life, nudity, sex workers, and mostly the LGBTQIA+ movement of Thailand

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