Popular food blogger talks foraging and fine dining

By | Wed 6 Jul 2022

The observant foodie will have noticed that the past few years have seen quite a shift in the Chiang Mai dining scene, with more variety being offered than ever before, and not just in terms of international cuisines, but the sheer number of local ingredients and dishes being served or elevated and modernised.  

 Naruemon ‘Anne’ Chomdok is a successful food blogger who runs the Facebook and Instagram accounts Go2AskAnne.  

Having grown up here in Chiang Mai to a father who was a particularly demanding and fussy eater, and s grandmother who traded in the market daily, Anne is very familiar with many local ingredients, most of which can’t be found in any supermarket, let alone markets.  

Anne worked in the media industry or decades – including about five years as head of sales at Citylife – before completely pivoting, just as the traditional media was in its final death throes, to new media…which has served her very well! 

Today Anne is a very respected go-to for those interested in knowledge of and experience in Lanna cuisine. She accompanies Thailand’s top chefs into the jungle to search for ingredients, hosting food events with their foraged products – at times for groups as large as 800 VIP guests. She is a lecturer at Chiang Mai University on food-related issues, she is often interviewed by the media as a source of knowledge, and she organises multiple courses, tours and activities, as well as taking international chefs and TV shows out and about town on food odysseys. On top of that, Anne also produces an extraordinary amount of content from food culture and history to chef interviews; cooking demonstrations to restaurant reviews.  

 She is a busy woman whose love of food is equal to her knowledge of it.  

Join editor in chief Pim Kemasingki on her daybed as she lounges with Anne and talks about the revival of Lanna cuisine and all the exciting stuff that is being grown or found in the mountains, valleys and jungles around us.