Pim’s multiple personalities: the high is nigh

By | Mon 28 Mar 2022

Marijuana has come a long way in Thailand over the past handful of years. What was once stigmatised is now on its way to being decriminalised.

In fact, it was during this interview editor-in-chief Pim Kemasingki had with Marisa Marchitelli and Ryan Doran from ThePerfectHigh.tv, that Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul, made his announcement. All going according to plan, the decriminalisation of marijuana in Thailand will go into effect exactly three months from the date of this interview (which was conducted in early February 2022).

This is HUGE!

Ryan Doran has been cultivating cannabis for over two decades, most of that time right here in Thailand, working with university researchers and later on the government. He and ‘Hempress Media Boss’ Marisa Marchitelli, a well-known filmmaker here in Chiang Mai, have launched Thailand’s first English language podcast dedicated to all things cannabis.

Pim invites them to her daybed for a laze and a chat about the legalisation status, the stigma, the challenges and excitingly, the future of Thailand’s marijuana.

If you are a smoker, a toker, a vaper, an oil dripper, a cookie monster, or simply interested in this plant and all of its possibilities, or just want to listen to three people talk pot, then tune in!