Getting personal with Lanna Commins

By | Sat 24 Sep 2022

Lanna Commins is a household name across Thailand; her many songs continue to be played on radio stations and featured on any respectable karaoke list in the country. 

Half Thai and half Australian, Lanna Commins grew up here in Chiang Mai where she attended the Chiang Mai International School. Her mother was, and still is, an iconic songbird of the north, her haunting song Kha jao pen sao Jiang Mai, is one of the most well known songs in Thailand – ever. 

It was when Lanna was a young 17 year old, and still dealing with the confusion and conflicts which raging hormones and multiple backgrounds and nationalities brings, that she was ‘discovered’ by Grammy Records and swooped up into the Thai entertainment industry. Over the years she released four albums, and is about to drop a single in the next few weeks.

Lanna sits down and talks to editor Pim Kemasingki, getting deep and personal, as she recalls her unique life.

Pim and Lanna had lived together for many weeks over the lockdowns and became fast friends. Get to know them both as they discuss childhood fame, the entertainment industrial complex and the pressure that accompanies success, Lanna’s long and often unsuccessful search for love, her many years of self-isolation and fear as well as many other sensitive and personal matters.

Most excitingly though, the two talk about the future and how Lanna has taken the pandemic to find herself, heal herself and love herself. She is now ready for the next chapter…whatever that may bring. 

There are laughs, there are tears and there is a lot of open and honest talk.