A look back at 2014

As we come to the end of another jam-packed year at Citylife, we touched base with some of the fascinating people we’re interviewed over the past year.

By | Tue 2 Dec 2014

As we come to the end of another jam-packed year at Citylife, we decided to get back in touch with some of the fascinating people we’re interviewed over the past year, to see how things have been since we last saw them and check up on their plans  for the future.

Dr. John Rogerson
Fatter Faster, Sicker QuickerJanuary 2014

Most embarrassing moment of 2014? Oh dear there’s been a few of these as I think I was born with my foot in my mouth with far too many faux pas!  Saying to someone “Congratulations” when I thought the lady was expecting/pregnant, her reply was classic: “Congratulations for what, being fat?”

Strangest thing to happen to you in 2014? Going up to the King of Sweden to shake his hand, mistaking him for Dr Andrew Weil (who looks like him and was told that Andrew was at the place I was working) and saying how nice it was to meet one of my heroes and what a guide he is to so many friends of mine who’ve studied with him!

Proudest moment of 2014? Getting approvals for our hair profiling system eventually after nine years of research and compliance nightmares was a great day/week/month/year!

Chris Lowenstein
Here Comes Hollywood, February 2014

Most exciting moment of 2014? After many years of trying to get movies to shoot in Chiang Mai instead of Bangkok (so that I can sleep in my own bed) we finally shot back-to-back Hollywood movies in Chiang Mai!

Most embarrassing moment of 2014? Burning down a building in Lampangv! Actually it happened at the end of 2013, but clean up and embarrassment lasted into 2014.

Best new place you have found in Chiang Mai this year? Godzilla Sushi in Nimmanhaemin Soi 7 (not the real name of the restaurant, but we call it Godzilla because of the giant Godzilla statue outside.)

Best moment of 2014? Successfully completing work on the movie, The Coup.

Worst moment of 2014? The actual military coup.

Wayne Deakin
At Face Value: Thailand’s Selfie Obsession, April 2014

Most exciting moment of 2014? Finding out about the publication of my new book, Hegel and the English Romantic Tradition by Macmillan in March 2015.

Most embarrassing moment of 2014? Finding out James Austin Farrell only hangs out with me for the free wine and curry I supply.

Strangest thing to happen to you in 2014? Finding out my mia-noi was obsessed with Thai silk. She’s gone now, but not for cotton (heh heh).

Best and worst new development in Chiang Mai this year? James Austin Farrell went back to the UK; then he came back.

Janya Sugunnasil
Fan of the Century, June 2014

Most exciting moment of 2014?When the masterpiece fan [which took 14 years to make] was finished and the owner said it was absolutely stunning and that it was a miracle.

New Year’s resolution?Focus on more meditation practice.

Worst new development in Chiang Mai this year?How the transportation cost goes up.  Chiang Mai needs a mass transit system.

Tom Potisit
The Flying Scouts, September 2014

Most exciting moment of 2014? The fashion photo shoot with a 15 metre long dead Bryde’s Whale in Samutsakorn to raise awareness for marine animal conservation. Its rotten smell made me forget who I was for a while.

Strangest thing to happen to you in 2014? Having a male gibbon trying to touch my crotch while relocating them from Phuket to Chiang Mai in a small plane.

Best new place you have found in Chiang Mai this year? A new sunset spot near Mae Klang Luang, Doi Inthanon found by the local Karen and not yet opened for public.

Best moment of 2014? Getting to witness the gibbons being released back into the wild after years of being rehabbed, it is quite truly amazing.

Adele Theron
Naked Divorce: 21 Day Metamorphosis, October 2014

Most exciting moment of 2014? Marrying my soul mate, Simon, on 10th November 2014 at the Veranda resort in Chiang Mai. I was so overwhelmed by his vows, our guests flying all over the world to be there, our beautiful flowers, Lanna Commins singing and just at everything that was happening, I must have cried ten times!

Best new development in Chiang Mai this year? Best development was Maya – what a fabulous place to hang out, work quietly at Camp, watch a movie or hang out with friends at the rooftop bars which are just smashing.

Proudest moment of 2014? Other than finding myself on the cover of Citylife magazine (naked again, haha) – it must have been when I bowled and caught someone out at the Chiang Mai International Cricket Sixes when I played for the Dixie Bells in April 2014 – that was seriously unexpected. Especially when we took home the trophy!

Don Willcox
Unseen Survivors: Living with Disabilities in Thailand, November 2014

Most exciting moment 2014? Our foundation’s most exciting moment of 2014 was the safe and long awaited late September arrival of two 40 foot sea containers of 1,100 knock down wheelchairs which we are now in the process of distributing free to northern and central Thai disabled persons who cannot walk on their own.

Strangest thing to happen in 2014? Our foundation enthusiastically welcomed two Australian volunteers who told us they would remain with us for one calendar year.  As an expression of our appreciation, we provided them with a free two bedroom modern home and the daily use of an almost new Toyota car.  After a stay of only four months they simply disappeared without a single word of explanation or forewarning!

Best new development in Chiang Mai this year? The plan to establish bicycle lanes within the city will hopefully reduce accidents and save lives, especially with the influx of tourists who are unfamiliar with Thai driving habits.