How would you solve the annual PM2.5 pollution problem?

The opinions of pm2.5 pollution as we ask some random people an important question

By | Fri 22 May 2020

Bunthita Singchangchai, 26, Thai, guest relations officer

I would avoid all products that are produced through burning. Also check all motors and vehicles, changing them if nescessary. It would help with pollution.

Piyathida Ruegam, 22, Thai,  student

We can only solve this problem if we work together. If we wear masks and all plant trees.

Tom Soupe, 21, tourism

If I come back to Thailand for my next holidays I will go to another province in Thailand where there is less pollution because it is really unpleasant.

Pimploy Chuchan, 22, Thai, student

For me, I can’t solve the cause of the PM2.5 problem. The way I can do to protect myself is wearing a mask and avoiding to be outdoors for a long time.

Gijs De Jong, Outdoor Ed, coordinator

I studying to become a science teacher. I hope that when I stand in front of the classroom next year, I can inspire youth to bring change to their local community. And cycle more to work.

Kachornsak Yuphromdaen, 22, Thai, student

To educate local people and teenagers to stop burning and reduce diesel emissions.

Maneenuch Sribaen, 22, Thai, Student

I will advocate people I meet not to burn things and make them realise how bad PM 2.5 affects us. Maybe they will care about their problem.

Godchaporn Chiangruangsook, Camp logistic secretary

I will enourage people to be good and moral. Support the right process of agricultural. I will co-operate all the activities of about PM 2.5.