English artist gets help from construction workers creating art

By | Tue 16 Aug 2022
According to Bateman, an English artist who has been in Chiang Mai over the pandemic and who has made a name for himself for using pebbles to create powerful images of men and women who have made, “significant contributions in their field of influence such as; spiritual leaders, psychologists, politicians, mystics, entertainers, philosophers and even local trades people. On this occasion I had received a high volume of requests for Governor Chadchart and after a little research I recognised he was very much walking the ‘path of the people’. Highly celebrated as an honest and authentic leader, I felt honoured to pay homage by creating a site – specific illustration near a pathway in Nimmanhaemin.”

According to Bateman, as he was working on his piece, some local construction workers came over to help him, after awhile assisting him in placing pebbles to embed in the final piece.

“I find these moments integrating with members of the local community deeply heart warming…They clearly recognised, liked and respected the Governor.”

“The materials I use are very accessible, making the work inclusive to people from all socio-economic backgrounds. The materials and location of the work are deliberately intended to reduce the boundary between the audience and the art. Most of my work is impermanent, created with stones I find on location and brushed away after completion, akin to a sand mandala. However, on this occasion I decided to buy my own stones from all over Thailand and after exhibiting it in the street, I transported it to my studio to make it permanent. The piece is now preserved for purposes of a future art exhibition. Only 10% of my work becomes permanent and the demand is incredibly high for these pieces.”

“You might say that Governor Chadchart has been depicted here as a man of the earth, on the earth, by the earth. The canvas, pallete and subject depict someone who walks ‘the path of the people’.”Justin Batemanwww.justinbateman.orgwww.instagram.com/pebblepicassos