Did you know we have a prosecutors’ museum?

Chiang Mai has a small museum dedicated to the Prosecution’s Office

By | Thu 23 Jul 2020

While dealing with legal issues following a horrid theft, I was made to wait on a hard bench in a hot mosquito infested corridor at the Office of Chiang Mai Prosecution Building near the provincial hall.

A gentle waft of cool air made me look up to see a grand wooden door with golden letterings proclaiming the entrance to The Museum of Nopbiei Srinakornping Wiang Chiang Mai‘s Prosecutors. Obviously air conditioned, I entered.

To be fair, it’s nothing much to write home about, and hardly worth the schlepp out from town. But if you happen to be in the area or have a fascination with prosecution (and read Thai) then it’s worth taking a few minutes to look around and school up on a brief history of the Thai legal system.

More of an homage to the role the royalty has had in the formation and strengthening of The Thai judicial process than a museum, it is still an intriguing little find.

And it’s air conditioned!
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