Citylife’s things to do before you die

Balloon Ride over the Serengeti: It will of course cost a fair amount, but it is all very possible to see Africa from the skies.

By | Wed 28 Dec 2011

Citylife’s things to do before you die:

Everyone we know, and your good self, will be brown bread (dead) come December this year. So we have devised a ‘bucket list’ of things you might do before the world ends.

Go into Space. Space Tourism: So far there have been only seven space tourists who have visited the International Space Station. It’s thought they paid about 30 million dollars each. You might not get on before 2012, but you can try contacting and book yourself a seat if you have about a billion baht to spare.

Climb Everest: You have to be in very good physical shape and have been training for at the very least one year, though it’s said you don’t require any super-special talent to do it, you might want to take ice climbing courses beforehand. A 70 day trip can cost about 90,000 dollars. You’ll need tons of advice, equipment and know how. A lot of planning, and dangers ahead. If you get unlucky with the weather, you might not be coming back. can take you up Everest, or something much smaller, if you’ve now lost your bottle.

Act in a Pornography Film. To get an audition in the adult entertainment industry it would be advantageous if you were to live in LA. Though not easy to get into, Shane Diesel, famous male porn star, says it’s all about who you know. Hang around porn directors and actors and seek a way in. You find these people in the San Fernando Valley, it’s also said talent scouts hangout in strip joints looking for female or male talent. Otherwise you might directly contact: World Modeling (Girls Entertainment), 4523 Van Nuys Blvd., Sherman Oaks, CA 91403.

Balloon Ride over the Serengeti: It will of course cost a fair amount, but it is all very possible to see Africa from the skies. The cost is about 400 dollars for an hour in the sky and a champagne breakfast, though some people have commented that the noise of the balloon scares the animals away.,

Take the Orient Express: It’s actually not the original train, which stopped running some time ago, but a new Express with a different route through Europe. You can also take the ‘Oriental Express’ through Singapore – Bangkok, Bangkok – Chiang Mai, and Bangkok – Kuala Lumpur. It should cost you anywhere in the region of 3-5,000 dollars for one of the long journeys.

Infinity Edge Pool at Victoria Falls: There are tons of tour companies that can take you to the falls. At the foot of the falls there is a small pool where you can just about hang over the edgs. You don’t fall over as there is a rock wall. Still, it looks scary as hell.

Drive a Super Sports Car: You can rent super cars in Bangkok. Look at The rental prices of the cars might come as a bit of a shock though. For a Lamborghini Murcièlago, a 39 million baht super fast car, you can rent at 50,000 baht a day, though with a minimum of 7 days rental. It is said there are only 5 of these cars in Thailand. You could stoop to an Aston Martin DB 5 at just 22 million outright, or a mere 30,000 baht a day rental.

Join the ‘Mile-High Club’: They say to really be a member you have to be 5, 280 ft (a mile of course) above sea level. A lot of people seem intent on shagging in the air, there’s even a website dedicated to it:,

while offers ‘flights of fancy, if you know what we mean. If you’re in Europe try

Sleep under Stars in Most Starry Skies of the World: You can look at that has lots of information on where to go star gazing. Some places said to be great are the island of Sark in the Channel Islands; Borrego Springs, California; Flagstaff, Arizona.


Visit Waterfall Tee Lor Su: Thailand’s highest, and arguably most spectacular, waterfall. Located in the remote Thai-Burmese border area in Um Phang district, Tak Province. The water is beautifully clear and surrounded by a forest rich in plants and wildlife. Contact any local travel agent.

Walk up to Doi Intahanon: We reckon if you do a few stops, you should be able to do this 47 km road to the top in 2 or 3 days. You can camp at various points on your way, and there are plenty of places to rest, admire the view, eat, etc. There are bungalows about 30 kms from the bottom, and also places to camp, 053 268 550. You should see some pretty wicked things doing this hill on foot.

Make Love in a Place you’re not Supposed to: Kissing, cuddling and similar behaviour are frowned upon if in public – especially amongst older Thais. It’s not illegal in public the law states, unless you are showing too much skin. Younger Thais are unlikely to be as shocked, but to avoid their possible discomfort, perhaps you may skip this one. Also kissing on government land is frowned upon, e.g. a security lady at the 700 Year Stadium once blew a whistle at a member of Citylife staff who was giving her boyfriend a peck on the cheek. Public sex is illegal, but hey, so is prostitution and no one seems to mind. You might try a love motel instead. Check a Citylife story called Close Encounters of the Exotic Kind.

Go Skinny Dipping in a Large Body of Water at Midnight/Night: Could get you arrested, but we are pretty sure, no we are totally sure, that naked swimming in Mae Ngad damn at night is pretty easy to do. Bua Tong waterfall, on the way to Phrao taking the Mae Jo route, while often packed with locals, is home to crystal clear water.

Donate an Organ: Put something in their bucket. It is possible to donate blood through the Red Cross Society, CMU or Suan Dok hospital.


Or give someone bone marrow. Ramathibodi Hospital, and Kon Pheesua Club. Tel: 02 201 2535 or fax 02 201 1747 for information.

Do the Mae Hong Son Loop on a Big Fast Bike: This is easy enough, and a great experience. You can rent lots of big bikes at and For information about motorbikes in Thailand see

Spend a Week in a Meditation Retreat: Rejuvenate yourself, gain inner peace, mental clarity and become at one with the world through mediation and training of the body, spirit and mind. There are various places which offer meditation courses and retreats, a lot of information can be found online or in travel guides. Temples offering meditation: Wat U Mong, Northern Insight Meditation Center at Wat Rampoeng (Tapotharam), Wat Phra Dhatu Sri Chomthong, The Middle Way Meditation Retreat in Chiang Mai. , , Train Journey to Khun Tarn: The longest of Thailand’s railway tunnels. It’s 1352.10 metres long on the northern line from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, between Ma Tan Noi and Khun Tan. The lazy train journey is quite pretty and you can take a picnic along to enjoy at Khun Tarn, then head back the same day, or better yet go camping.

Get a Bird’s Eye View of Chiang Mai: Breathtaking Panoramic Views, of the distant mountains, terraced rice paddies, the lush green Ping River valley and rural villages. Get up early, drink Champagne, glide above the city. Around 9,000 baht.