When the well of tourism dries up

A double whammy of pollution and corona virus has left Chiang Mai's normally bustling tourist attractions eerily empty.

By | Wed 4 Mar 2020

In the months following the global outbreak of COVID-19, the number of tourists in Chiang Mai has drastically declined. With increased travel bans and growing fear surrounding COVID-19, popular attractions in Chiang Mai are left empty. Chinese tourism has consistently made up a significant number of travellers in North Thailand, and with nearly all flights cancelled between China and Thailand, the city is empty leaving venders, tour guides, and transportation services without customers. This decline is exacerbated by the peak season for air pollution in Chiang Mai that prompts people to stay inside and off the streets due to poor air quality.

In this collection of photos, the normally bustling city of Chiang Mia is seen in its current state: a silent city.

T-shirt vendors on Night Bazaar street without customers, Saturday.
Phra Pok Klao street left empty not long after the lunch hour which is normally filled with parked cars