Open letter to all girls and women in Thailand

A plea from the Women Human Rights Defenders Collective in Thailand

By | Tue 27 Oct 2020

As women who care for our families, the land and natural environment we refuse to tolerate, and cannot trust the government who is violating the peaceful assembly of children, youth, and the people. If the government is acting for the people as they claim, they must stop all forms of harassment and violence aimed at disrupting the people’s assemblies. They must stop arrests and all forms of intimidation and instead respect and promote the right to freedom of assembly and expression. All political prisoners must be released unconditionally. Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha and his cohorts must take responsibility and resign peacefully. The parliament must be dissolved and a new constitution that comes from the people created and there be a free and fair election. We also share the dream of peacefully and respectfully reforming the royal institution to be under the new constitution.

We, girls and women in every generation of Thai society are proud to fight together undivided, no matter who we are, where we are born, indigenous, migrant worker, or any other sector. We struggle side by side for a better future for ourselves, our families, and communities. We care and fight for the rivers, mountains, the sea, the land, and the natural world. We join the mass protests to free Thailand. Many of us women who have very little time raise three fingers as we pass by the protests, and in our hearts, we have joined the struggle. Other women cannot join because they have no freedom of movement, or are disabled, have small children or are in prison – this does not mean they are not part of the struggle because we know every women is fighting in her heart.

Our friends who are fighting are risking their lives, being threatened, intimidated or arrested. We send our love and deep concern to our children, grandchildren, all the young women who have been threatened by violent men, even in the supposed safety of their university campus. We send love and solidarity to the young women imprisoned, and to all the mothers and sisters fighting for justice and freedom for their loved ones.

Even though women face violence and threats no one is giving up, no one is backing down, Women are coming together to protect, support and encourage each other. We clearly see that as of today no one is fighting alone.

The world is being inspired by the girls and women in Thailand. They are seeing the strength, courage and unity of girls in women in Thailand. Whether we are middle aged, of the new generation, high school girls or grandmothers, it is clear for all the world to see that women are in the frontline calling for democracy and social justice while doing the work of caring in every situation.

We cheer loudly for all the girls and women in Thailand!

The WHRD Collective in Thailand stands with, and defends the children, youth, and women of all sectors, and all those taking part in peaceful struggles.

Contact: women05rights2019@gmail