How to detoxify ourselves when we breathe in PM 2.5?

A look at how can we can detoxify our bodies of the PM 2.5 that we are forced to breathe every pollution season.

By | Thu 30 Jan 2020

Besides protecting ourselves from air pollution with masks, how can we detoxify PM 2.5 that have already entered our body? The most common particulate matters are PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) and heavy metals (chromium, nickel, and arsenic.) These are all toxic and carcinogenic. The detoxification of PAH can be accomplished by stimulating glutathione s-transferase which can capture PAH in the liver and then expel it from the body via the bile.

The Glutathione enzyme itself can be stimulated by a palmitate substance found in coffee beans. Prebiotics will then send a signal to activate detoxification genes to support the body’s production of glutathione. Meanwhile, important antioxidants for liver detoxification include silymarin, COQ10, Vitamin C and E, bioflavonoids in the blue trumpet vine, Triphala (three fruits herbal preparation), garlic, and shallots. When PAH toxins are captured by glutathione and expelled through the bile, then Artichoke tea and Dandelion root extracts will also help the bile to expel toxins. Eating foods that are high in fibre will help absorb the toxins that are excreted via the bile and then excreted with the faeces. A colon detox or the use of Ozonated Magnesium will cause a laxative effect that will reduce bile that contains toxins.

As for detoxification of heavy metal substances, including chromium, nickel and arsenic, chelation therapy will be applied. EDTA amino acid can eliminate these toxins either intravenously or by suppository. Either method of administration under the supervision and guidance of a doctor is effective. Absolute Health has well-trained and knowledgeable doctors for chelation therapy and many other courses of treatment for a variety of conditions, including offering integrative medicine to reduce the risks from PM 2.5.

Dr. Sitt Thienthiti
Expert in integrative and regenerative medicine

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