Bespoke Elephant Parades for Businesses and Individuals

Elephant Parade delve into the world of Business to Business sales and bespoke designs for companies and individuals.

By | Mon 19 Feb 2018

If you live in or visit Chiang Mai on a regular basis, you will have noticed the colourful and eccentric elephants of Elephant Parade popping up around the city. These charitable elephants are usually designed by artists who want to make a contribution to the conservation of the Asian elephant and to support Elephant Parade with upcoming parades across the world, art exhibitions and fundraising events. However, what many may not know is that Elephant Parade also delve into the world of Business to Business sales and bespoke designs for companies and individuals – offering a range of personalised gift ideas and elephant sets that give twice with 20% of the net profits going to elephant conservation.

Elephant Parade have created a number of elephants for The Peninsula Bangkok, capturing the distinct look of their bellboy.

Whether you are a business or just someone looking for some personalised Elephant Parade elephant statues, they can deliver. From hand crafted replicas to fully bespoke designs, you can create gifts that represent exactly what you want, be it a personalised wedding gift design, a company logo or just a collection of your favourite replicas.

A recent partner of Elephant Parade was River City Bangkok, where the blue and white ceramic themed elephant called Nam was created. The elephant was made to celebrate the eclectic mix of antiques and gems from all around Asia, and the final design was based on traditional ceramics of the region. Elephant Parade’s in-house designers detailed the different parts of blue pottery to create a seamless, stunning blue and white elephant for the company.

Baby showers, Mother’s Day and wedding gifts are all an option as any text can be added to the elephants for distinct memorabilia of an event.

Not only are the elephants beautifully crafted and hand painted, they also show your clients, guests and the wider community what kind of causes you aim to support. 30% of full size and 20% of replica sales net profits are donated to elephant conservation and they help strengthen your emotional connection with customers and friends.

Working out an order is easy, all you need to do is contact Elephant Parade with your needs and set brief and they will do the design work for you. The minimum order is 50 units, but once a design and a number is decided on, along with a final price (of which 20% goes to elephant conservation don’t forget) then production will get underway. Each elephant is hand crafted and comes with a certificate of authenticity, which is numbered and signed.

“Nam,” meaning water in Thai, the elephant symbolises River City’s connection with their watercourse surroundings and antiques on display.

So whatever your style may be, if you are looking to make a genuine impact upon your friends, clients and help support the Asian elephant, then a set of bespoke or replica Elephant Parade elephants may just be the ticket. As their slogan goes, let’s paint a brighter future!

To contact Elephant Parade in Chiang Mai (head office) then you can visit their Elephant Parade Land museum (open daily) or contact them via the details below.

Elephant Parade Land
180/9 Moo 7, San Pee Sua, Muang Chiang Mai, Thailand
+66 (0)53 115 266