An afternoon drive up Doi Suthep

After 11 days in coronavirus lockdown, Pim Kemasignki and family took a drive up Doi Suthep and snapped some pictures of the unusually quiet mountain.

By | Wed 1 Apr 2020

After being housebound for 11 days, my parents, my puppy, and admittedly me, were getting restless. So today we decided to pile into our car and take a drive up the mountain to see what was going on with the fires we have been seeing for weeks.

While the lower slopes of Doi Suthep was dangerously dry, we must admit that we didn’t see any evidence of burning. And being on a family trip with aged parents, I wasn’t feeling intrepid enough to go off road.

So I bring you some photos of our trip today. The roads were very quiet, with the majority of people I saw being cyclists, joggers and walkers; masked faced, but sweating with determination as they headed up or down the mountain.

As we drove past Phuping Palace, the temperature dropped and you can almost feel the moisture seeping into your skin. While I do know that there were fires just beyond the point of our u-turn, that will have to be another adventure for another day. But I thought it would be nice to share some photos of some refreshingly blue skies and green trees for a change.

Empty Huay Kaew road and blue-ish skies…what’s going on
No worshipers, no wafts of incense, no aromas of flowers and no tempting scent of grilled chicken
Pa Lad Waterfall…without the water, falling
Beautiful temple, but so so dry
Just a nasty brown layer below the blue
Dry bare trees on the road up
Normally bustling and bursting with people, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep entrance is silent
The temple is closed as are all shops
Phu Ping Palace looking a bit greener
The Doi Pui village shops were mostly shuttered
Getting a bit greener the higher we climbed
Today must be a good day, fire engines not in action
This is what it should all look like