Cut through the red tape with Thailand Elite

The Thailand Elite programme is fully supported by the Thai government and allows foreigner to avoid the usual complexities of navigating visas for up to 20 years.

By | Thu 2 Apr 2020

Living in Thailand as a foreigner, like anywhere else in the world, comes with its own set of challenges and of course, benefits.

While today the world is undergoing the most extraordinarily unchartered changes, this leaves most of us uncertain about our status and future especially if you are a foreign national living in a foreign land. Message boards and phone lines across the nation are clogging up with expatriate residents wondering about their legitimacy in remaining in the Kingdom.  In times of great upheaval and as bureaucratic departments such as immigration grapple with the rapidly changing world-scape and technology, many foreign residents are feeling uneasy and insecure in their official status.

These are just some of, but certainly the most pressing, reasons that Thailand Elite is inviting you all to join their programme – a programme designed to ease through red tape and complex bureaucracy so you can concentrate only on living your best life.

Founded in 2004, the Thailand Elite privilege programme is overseen by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Thailand. As governments have come and gone and policies change and abandoned, members of Thailand Elite have maintained their privileges and statuses, allowing them to live and work in this country without the confusion and complexities of navigating visas, especially when family members and businesses come into play to make matters more difficult.

To date, there are nearly 10,000 members of Thailand Elite, joining any one of the over half a dozen packages designed to meet a variety of needs.

Elite Ultimate Privilege: This onetime payment of two million baht (20,000 baht per year) will allow members access to all the privileges on offer under the programme, from free golfing to spas, annual health-checks to special discounts on anything as mundane as shopping and as luxurious as private jets and yachts, priority check-ins to fast track concierge government and banking services. It also guarantees a foreigner 20 years residency in Thailand with five-yearly renewals on a multiple entry visa.  This privilege also has a onetime transfer policy for a 20% fee of prevailing rates.

Elite Family Premium: This one million baht package allows for core members of the family to enjoy similar privileges as the Elite Ultimate Privilege member. Also transferrable and with an annual fee of only 10,000 baht, this visa applies to all ages and offers nearly all the special privileges as the Ultimate Package.

Elite Family Excursion: This five year visa is designed for a family of two persons, with the first member paying 800,000 in membership fee and the second 300,000 baht. While most of the privileges remain the same, there are some limitations as in frequency of usage.

Elite Family Alternative: This 1,500,000 baht package (800,000 for the first member of the family and 700,000 for the second) is designed for adult or retired couples who would normally have to spend 800,000 baht each on retirement visas anyway. With this ten year visa they will receive many extra privileges and services along with their visas.

Elite Easy Access: This five year visa costs half a million baht and is suitable for those who ‘work hard and play hard’ within Thailand. Designed for digital expats who may be too young to marry and work without the structure of a company, this visa allows ease of access in and out of the country along with many privileges.

Elite Privilege Access: This package for two people costs 1 million baht for the first member and 800,000 for the second and comes with a ten year visa and many other privileges.

Elite Superiority Extension: Suitable for people who may have a second home or condominium here in Thailand, this visa allows for 20 years’ multiple entry visas with five year renewals. It does not come with a full set of privileges, though still offers some VIP services and benefits.

Fully supported by the Royal Thai Government, the Thailand Elite programme encompasses an extraordinary range of benefits ranging from immigration, leisure and business to health and banking.

Once you have registered and made your funds transfer you will receive a welcome box which will include a small souvenir and a booklet outlining all privileges and benefits. It will also come with a card, which, when shown, will indicate that you are a special and honoured guest to the Kingdom of Thailand.

The concierge service provided for some of the visas, will mean that life in the Kingdom will never be so easy; there will be assistance in opening a bank account, gaining a driver’s license and other such bureaucratic access which will simply make your life easier. Just think about it.

No queues, no reentry, no fear, no stress. Just the Royal Thai government treatment of an honoured guest.

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