The Bliss Mae Baan Network celebrates 100 classes

Hundreds of women have found domestic work through Bliss

By | Mon 28 Feb 2022

What began in February 2014 as a small 2-day training course for women seeking employment as a Housekeeper “แม่บ้าน”, has grown into the best-known job training and opportunity resource for women in town. Bliss is making a difference in Chiang Mai

The Bliss Mae Baan Network is a project of the GEI International non-profit foundation and exists to provide skill training and job employment for women who choose to work as a professional housekeeper.  While the curriculum was written by a local expatriate woman seeking to make a difference in the lives of marginalised women, it was the partnership with two highly skilled and professional Thai housekeepers that have made the training applicable to local women and transferrable. The hard work translating the curriculum into the Thai language has resulted in the creation of unbelievable opportunities and transformation.

This past December, the Bliss Mae Baan Network celebrated its 100th housekeeping training course and reached a marker not even dreamed of eight years ago. The training course has continued to develop over the years as a growing number of local and expatriate families choose to hire housekeepers who have completed the Bliss training course. It is now a full 5-day course with a knowledge and skills exam and a practicum test on the final day.  Bliss is teaching women safe and practical cleaning strategies as well as a systematic and efficient methodology for working as a housekeeper.

Over 600 women have come to the Bliss office with hopes of a better future for themselves and their families and after having completed the course, 80% of those women have interviewed and received employment.

The growth and strength of the training program has given birth to the Bliss Clean + Care Company. This for-profit cleaning company is the energy and force for continual job creation for women completing the Bliss Mae Baan Network housekeeping training course.

The Bliss Clean + Care company aims to provide the best cleaning services and to be the best employer of women in Chiang Mai.

Bliss is excited about this milestone in our story and looking forward to the development and growth of future opportunities.

Bliss is making a difference one woman, one training course at a time.