Who’s floating and why?

A look at float relaxation therapy, who is doing it and the positive effects on the body and mind.

By | Thu 23 Jan 2020

How often do we fantasise about leaving all of our troubles behind? How frequently do we yearn to have some time alone, far from the madding crowd? How wonderful would it be, we often think, to just shut ourselves out from the outside world…if just for a few blissful moments?

Well, all you have to do to attain such peace and much needed relaxation is to stop by Float Chiang Mai on Huay Kaew Road, enter your private room, take a lovely shower, step into your pod of warm water infused with Epsom salt, lie back, close your pod…and slowly slowly sink into the cocoon of warmth that is the Sensory Deprivation Tank Therapy, more commonly known as the Floatation Tank.

There has been a plethora of research and findings proving the many benefits of a Floatation Tank over the years, from helping to ease aches and pains to reducing blood pressure. The many fans of the Floatation Tank cite its calming benefits, its ability to give deep relaxation, release of depression and increase in creativity.

If you haven’t tried a Flotation Tank, then we highly recommend visiting Chiang Mai Float where two private rooms are available for you to immerse yourself into yourself for an hour or two. The moment the pod lid closes above, and around, you, it is normal to perhaps feel a moment or two of panic, but a series of gentle coloured lights will soothe your anxiety and calm you enough for you to relax into it before darkness slowly descends completely. A minute or an hour will then fly by as you simply float on water that is just about as salty as the Dead Sea, negating the pull of gravity, so there is no chance of any drowning and you can simply release all your muscles and let your body, and mind, drift.

Hypertension, headaches, pains and stress will melt away in the warm water as your mind empties of all stress and simply soaks in the moment.

Sportspeople from Wayne Rooney to Tom Brady are fans of the Floatation Tank, often using it to release muscle tension and reinvigorate the body. Celebrities from Susan Sarandon to Joe Rogan are advocates of the Floatation Tank, which they use to help them to de-stress from their frenetic lives. John Lennon, as far back as 1979, cited the Floatation Tank as helping him to kick his intense addiction to drugs. One of the world’s greatest athletes, Carl Lewis used extensive visualisation techniques while in his floatation pod in preparation for his gold medal-winning performances at the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games. Supermodel Elle Mcpherson credits the therapy for its natural skin care benefits from the magnesium-rich epsom salt water..and the list goes on.

Whether it is just to de-stress after a hard day’s work, or for more targeted medicinal and curing properties, look up the many benefits of this unique therapy as it is now available here in Chiang Mai and is very reasonably priced and affordable.

At the end of the day, it is also a fun and fascinating experience worth checking out at least once…until you are hooked.

Float Chiang Mai has monthly promotions which makes it affordable for those who want to try it out as well as great deals for regulars who wish to make it a habit.

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