Rajavej Chiang Mai Hospital’s summer checkup super savers

Rajavej Chiang Mai Hospital offers health checkup packages for different age groups and demographics with fantastic deals and discounts

By | Wed 17 Apr 2024

As another summer season rolls around, we are reminded that it is likely long overdue for a health checkup, which, allow us to remind you, should be an annual occurrence. We are so fortunate to live here in Chiang Mai where the prices for reassurance (or forewarning) are eminently reasonable and affordable and our doctors and hospitals world class. So to celebrate the launch of yet another wonderful year, our friendly local hospital, Rajavej Chiang Mai, has put on a slew of amazing checkup deals, each designed for a specific demographic, with options sure to suit just about every health aware person…and even hypochondriac.

Rajavej Chiang Mai Hospital sits on the banks of the Ping River and offers ease of access, convenience and excellent world class medical care. You can pop in all week long from 8am to 4pm to undergo your health checkup, though it is best to book in advance, not only for your convenience, but so you are eligible for the deep discounts and privileges on offer from now until the end of this month (though once booked, you can take your time to do the actual checkup as the expiration date isn’t until the end of June).

There are multiple packages on offer, for different age groups and demographics, but each and every programme will first offer a basic information grab and screening to find out your health history by a physician who will conduct an initial physical examination which includes checking vital signs and finding out your BMI. Once you have got the basics out of the way, you can then focus on your specific package, suitable for your personal health needs.

The first programme offered is the Basic Programme, suitable for 18-30 year olds. This programme offers up to 12 tests, for a very very sensible 990 baht.

Following the preliminary checkups there will be a chest x-ray, urine test, blood test, sugar in blood tests, complete blood count, fasting blood sugar, triglyceride test, kidney check up and liver check up, and all for under one thousand baht, a deep discount from the regular 1,690 baht.

Next is the Advanced Programme offered for those between the ages of 31-40 years old which covers up to 20 tests, and for an affordable 1,390 baht, discounted from the regular 2,990 baht.

In this Advanced Programme, patients will be offered, in addition to the basic checkup above, a lung x-ray, urine test, muscular testing of hands and legs, EKG for heart rate and rhythem, blood cells, muscle strength assessment, sugar levels, cholesterol levels (both LDL and HDL), triglyceride and uric acid tests including checking the various levels of function of the liver and kidney. This is a very thorough overall health checkup designed specifically for those in the thirties age group.

For men over the age of 40 there is also the Exclusive Programme which targets key health points which can begin to be affected in this age group. This includes all of the services and tests provided in the previous programmes, but with the addition of checking the prostrate as well as cancerous potential in the colon and liver. This targeted package costs 2,490, down from the regular price of 4,890 baht.

An Exclusive Programme designed specifically for women offers similar tests as all previous packages, but also offers ultrasound for the entire abdomen and cervical cancer screening. This package is currently available at 5,290 baht, discounted from 9,290 baht.

In addition there are male and female Premium Programmes for those over forty which offer an extra ultrasound for the abdomen for men and a mammogram for women. These programmes cost 5,090 baht for men and 6,790 baht for women respectively (down from 8,290 baht and 12,090 baht).

Rajavej Hospital offers these fantastic deals to check for your health status and it is your chance to jump onto an affordable opportunity to put your mind at ease or take a moment to reevaluate how you care for your bodies.

You can also receive a pop-up fan and other gifts, while still in stock, for free.

Simply stop by the first floor of Rajavej Hospital between 8am and 4pm daily.

Notes: All prices include all checkups and consultations. Book your promotion before the end of this month to be redeemed by the end of June, any delays from this time line will mean that patients will lose eligibility. One patient is eligible for only one promotion. The hospital reserves the rights to change this promotion at its discretion. For greater convenience please book at least one day in advance.

Please rest up, wear comfortable clothes, and refrain from drinking water or eating food for 8-12 hours before appointment.

To get into the minutiae of the services on offer please visit https://rajavejchiangmai.com/en/homepage-2/

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