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Absolute Health is a cutting-edge and modern clinic and is the destination for anyone looking to take better care of their overall health

By | Tue 4 Oct 2022

Health is not for the back burner. The recent pandemic has raised health awareness and the importance of making your health today and tomorrow a priority.

And this is where Absolute Health has positioned itself as a premier health centre. For those looking to bring their body to as peak a condition as possible, or those looking to stave off ill-health, find cures, ease pains or solve any myriad of health problems.

Absolute Health is a cutting-edge and modern clinic focused on a holistic approach to health. Arriving at any one of their exclusive countrywide clinics, you are greeted as a guest, not a patient. Made to feel relaxed and at ease.

Aiming to purify both body and mind through integrative medical services, Absolute Health bases its practices on the idea that the body has the ability to heal itself, a concept that has been around, especially here in Asia, for centuries.

At the smart new Chiang Mai Absolute Health clinic, guest privacy, comfort and personalised care are the focus of both the treatments and the overall design of the clinic. While drawing on centuries-old medical wisdom, Absolute Health also has cutting-edge technology and equipment. When combined with a five-star resort level of service, this is the destination for anyone looking to take better care of their overall health or looking for more holistic approaches to healing. Absolute Health’s doctors and specialists have integrated their years of education in medical schools with innovative techniques as well as reliance on age-old wisdom.

Begin with the non-invasive and not at all unpleasant Absolute Health Check Up, which provides a thorough screening programme using an integrative approach to assess all predispositions to various degenerative diseases and to have an overview of current health status. This checkup also helps you understand your habits and how they affect your body. Finding and changing any negative aspects will help improve your health and open up advanced treatments that benefit your health effectively and sustainably. While Absolute Health’s plush new centre offers private rooms and areas for various treatments, you can even hire your own suite for the day to truly luxuriate and enjoy your Chiang Mai health clinic experience.

The doctor will then spend time analysing and discussing the findings, offering solutions and treatments as well as various health and lifestyle changes and advice. Apart from the full in-depth checkup, there are many more specific tests to focus on specific issues, such as the food-specific immunoglobulin G test to determine food intolerance and sensitivity, the zero cancer screening test and the oxidized LDL test.

Non-invasive aesthetic treatments run the gamut from facial brightening and rejuvenation to body firming and hair removal services. In addition, anti-aging, hormone replacement, and other age-focused therapies and treatments are available.

With the extraordinary number of harmful substances and impurities we are in contact with, or worse, ingest in our modern lives, Absolute Health offers a wide variety of treatments to combat the fallout of such toxins. Such treatments include various detoxification and chelation therapy and each treatment will have a private room or area for guest privacy and stress relief.

At Chiang Mai’s Absolute Health Regenerative Clinic, they do all they can to help you achieve your peak in your digestive health and immune system, aging challenges, or hormonal imbalances. Their concept is to help cure and prevent issues that have yet to fully form in the body by analysing the type of disorder along with individual physique. Numerous therapies are available, offering individualised treatments to suit each patient’s needs and lifestyle. Detoxification is one of these treatments, which helps purify our body from toxins we acquire daily from consumption and other sources. Doing this helps prevent diseases and aging issues from the inside out.

Your body is not as important to anyone as it is to you. If you want the best for it, you must care for it. Absolute Health is a concierge health centre that promises to treat every person as an individual, every health challenge as part of a body’s whole and every body as a complex of interconnected solutions and potentials.

If you love your health, then check out Absolute Health.

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