Only the Best at DIAA Aesthetics Clinic

Dr. Danai Praditsuwan of DIAA Aesthetics Clinic is one of Chiang Mai's most gifted cosmetic physicians. His clinic offers a range of surgical and non-invasive techniques.

By | Fri 1 Jul 2016

As we age things change, and not always for the better.

Last month we introduced you to Dr. Danai Praditsuwan of DIAA Aesthetics Clinic, telling you about this age-challenged 49 year old doctor’s years as an orthopaedic surgeon before he became Chiang Mai’s premier doctors in aesthetics and anti-aging twelve years ago.

This month we decided to take a closer look at what his clinic has to offer.

I walked into the swanky, sleek and ultra-modern clinic this morning, was charmingly greeted by his staff and soon was taken on a tour of the purpose-built premises.

“I have invested millions of baht, over ten million in fact, on the most up to date equipment, both invasive and non-invasive, so that we can offer our clients a complete service for all their anti-aging and aesthetics needs,” he told me.

“This is an Ultra Pulse CO2 laser, perfect for removing moles, skin tags like you have here,” I startle, as he points to a few protruding from my neck. “It can also remove benign tumors and warts, all you have to do is put on some local anesthetics cream and thirty minutes later the laser will remove it all,” I stretch my neck with pride at the lack of any visible warts or tumors.


“See this?” he points, to another NASA-looking device. “This is a Monobolar Bipolar RF, it uses radio frequency for skin tightening as well as helping to lift and stem skin sagging, like you have here,” he points to yet another blemish of mine. “It is really interesting, the radio frequency turns electricity into up to 70 degrees heat, but without damaging or affecting the epidermal skin, instead it heats and helps to make the collagen malleable and pliable, so that it can be remodelled.”

“This cool looking machine is the Oxyjet Peel, it peels the superficial skin and cools it with water jets,” he explained. “Multiple tiny injections of pharmaceuticals or vitamins are delivered into the mesodermal layer of tissue under the skin, to promote the loss of fat or cellulite. It can even make your skin really smooth and bright again,” he says while eyeing sideways, my rather unsmooth and dim skin. “In the old days you needed needles to achieve this affect, but with this technology you simply use jet power.”

“Then you have this Dermashock Cool machine which opens up your pores so that you can put active substance into the dermis,” he continues as we wander into another treatment room. “The Cool Glide Long Pulse Nd Yag is a really interesting machine. It can remove any hair,” he peers closely at my face, and thankfully doesn’t find any whiskers, “works on laser genesis, which is also called collagen remodelling, skin tightening and small spider vein removal,” he points with apparent glee at some previously undetected veins I am now going to have to remove from my leg.

Feeling slightly dejected, and planning to book numerous sessions with the good doctor once deadline has passed, we continued on to admire his Helios III (Ultra Pulse Q-switch Nd Yas), a non-abrasive laser with a really cool job. Using something called a photo acoustic effect, the doctor explained, while pointing to a cluster of odd spots on my arm which I had previously considered quite charming, it bursts the pigments into smaller granules which are then easily absorbed by white cells. This is useful for any senile skin changes, lentigo, tattoo removal or getting rid of inflamed scars.

After being introduced to the Fractional RF needling machine and being told that it is to reduce and erase scars caused by acne as well as ironing out fine wrinkles and reducing pore sizes, I was feeling marginally better, since the doctor didn’t seem to think that I had any need for it — yet.

Soon we come to the Ultherapy, the latest technology used for face and neck lifting in a non-surgical, long lasting method. Approved by US-FDA, Dr. Danai recommends its use once a year, saying that while its effectiveness is gradual, it is very successful in making the face and neck look young and fresh.

“What I am super proud of,” he says, as we enter his sterile operation room, “is this laser lipolysis and fat grafting. I am the only person in the north of Thailand to offer this new method of taking fat from the stomach or thigh, and using the stem cell process, I will then graft it to other areas. It is excellent for breast enhancements, giving the most natural look.”

Ticking off all the blemishes the keen-eyed doctor had pointed out, I reckon I have a few sessions at DIAA ahead of me in the coming months. But whatever I do decided to do, I know I am in good hands, and will be treated by only the best and latest in technology.

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