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It is astounding how many negative substances and impurities we are in contact with or worst, ingest, in our modern lives.

By | Fri 29 Nov 2019


It is astounding how many negative substances and impurities we are in contact with or worst, ingest, in our modern lives. Each and every day we have physical contact with dangerous chemicals, whether they are embedded in the processed, and even organic food we ingest, or our skin absorbs toxic metal substances, such as lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, and pesticides. Then there is the noxious air we breathe and hazardous substances which can be found in the water we bathe in and even drink.

Absolute Health, a holistic clinic which looks at the body as a whole, rather than simply treating one symptom after another, suggests an initial simple and easy-to-follow regime to detoxify the body by drinking plenty of water and avoiding air pollution, which may be easier said than done for most.

Keep an eye on your urine colour to make sure that all is normal and ensure your bowel movements are regular, as these are the natural ways to purge your body of toxins.

Many of us are addicted to junk food such as instant noodles and while it is perfectly fine to indulge from time to time, we should be careful of overdoing such processed food on a day to day basis. If you do choose to eat such food a couple of days in a row, it is advised to take few days off to only concentrate on clean food, this way the body can naturally cleanse the toxins and you can once again get into your favourite guilty pleasures a few days later.

There isn’t much conversation over the use of mobile technology here in Thailand, though some European countries actively ban the use of wifi in spaces such as kindergartens as the microwave-like elements have yet been definitively proven to be safe. So to be cautious, Absolute Health recommends we not be near wifi or our mobile phones 24/7. Take a break from time to time. It can’t do you wrong.

Many respectable scientists and researchers have published papers which warn of having active mobile devices next to the bed at night and it is better to be safe and use traditional alarm clocks, than have your phone on all night next to your head. While there is no evidence at this time to indicate that such devices lead to insomnia, it has been suggested that they may attribute towards chronic stress or depression.

After all, emotional detoxification is also important. It has been found that walking barefoot on natural grass and lying on the natural ground for a few mere minutes can reduce stress. For something more focused and tangible, contact the clinic to learn more about their pulse beds with electromagnetic frequency assistance to re-arrange the cells in your body.

Absolute Health’s Quantron Resonance System (QRS) beds, from the leading electromagnetic therapy brand Bemer, provides beds to help patients tune their sleeping patterns and readjust their immune system, and importantly balance their cells after being over exposed to blue light wave, whether from computers and laptop, or smartphone screens. The QRS technique should be applied approximately three times a week, with each time taking a mere 20 – 30 minutes.  In case of serious depressive disorders, although medication is still required, this technique will help restore cell patterns and allow patients to gradually depend less on medication.

​In addition to the Bemer (QRS) bed, Absolute Health also provides a special chair to help you to relax both physically and mentally as it comes with a variety of special stones embedded into the chair itself, releasing infrared heat and power to stimulate better blood circulation and help to lessen insomnia. This chair is of the brand Kayagata, whose products are known for the treatment of chronic pain and inflammation by integrative and regenerative medical technology.

The clinic also offers bio-feedback scanning which gives an overview of your consumption behaviour, able to help guide you to take better treatment or medication for a great variety of symptoms and ailments.

Absolute Health clinic uses an integrative approach towards medication technology for the overall wellbeing of patients.

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