Join your neighbourhood support groups NOW!

Neighbourhood groups have been established to support vulnerable people during the Covid-19 crisis and are looking for volunteers. The main communications channel is the Facebook page, COVID Foreign Community Support Group and CM Search and Rescue.

By | Thu 26 Mar 2020

Hello Chiang Mai!

We are your friends and neighbors, creating online support groups for each of our Chiang Mai neighborhoods.

We are faced with an unprecedented situation and many unknowns, and feel that the best way to prepare is to strengthen the bonds of our community. In Chiang Mai, we have always been blessed with such connections. We feel they should now safely extend to all, especially the most vulnerable among us.

The Community Support Groups aim to;


  • who might need help
  • who is willing to help, and in which ways

Provide reliable information (health, travel, legal issues etc)

Provide support

We are also connected with the main communications channel at this time, a governor-sanctioned Facebook page, COVID Foreign Community Support Group and the CM Search and Rescue, both of which are working together and in constant contact with the consulates, and to various churches and organizations. Our goal is to attend to local issues and create as much support as possible for everyone. We will leave no one behind.

Please join the group of your area, and invite more people to join as well. The more well-knit the social fabric, the smoother the information flow, the more certainty we can have.

We are all going to need support.

Physical Distancing AND Social Strengthening!

  1. Santitham/Nimman Community Support Group
  1. Chiang Khian/Jed Yod Community Support Group
  1. Pa Tan / Fa Ham Community Support Group
  1. Wat Ket/Central Festival Community Support Group
  1. Chang Khlan/Night Bazaar/Hai Ya Community Support Group
  2. Pong Noi/Suthep Community Support Group
  3. Saraphi/Nong Hoi Community Support Group
  1. Don Chan (Promenada) Community Support Group
  1. Hang Dong/Nam Phrae Community Support Group
  1.   San Kampaeng Community Support Group
  1.   Doi Saket Community Support Group
  1.   SanSai Community Support Group
  1.   Mae Rim Community Support Group