Backyard Biohacking

Marcel Cantu speaks with biohacking enthusiast Jason Ryer about how biohacking can help you tale control of your wellbeing and fitness goals.

By | Tue 17 Mar 2020

Every Sunday, biohacking enthusiast Jason Ryer hosts events at his Zen House where people gather to discuss and participate in a biohacking community. Ryer is trained as a Bulletproof coach and works with individuals in helping them lose weight, gain energy, increase health, and fortify their mind and purpose using biohacking techniques.

The concept of biohacking is largely given meaning by those who practice it and is defined differently by the various people who use this label. Ryer explains that, to him, “biohacking is a way to experiment and take control of my wellbeing. It is a way for me to take control of my own fitness goals.” Ryer also explained that he thinks about biohacking techniques in different levels starting with concepts like breathing techniques, ice baths, monitoring exposure to specific lights, and various food practices, moving up to more intensive ideas including ingesting beneficial supplements and injecting substances such as peptides, and culminating with concepts such as cybernetics and gene editing.

Ryer’s meetings consist of like-minded and curious people gathering together to discuss and share their thoughts on the broad topic of hacking the body. Recent topics have included biofeedback, breathwork, meditation and red light therapy among many others. Red light therapy has become a growing topic due to companies like Recharge popularising biohacking in Chiang Mai. In reaction to this growing interest, the Zen House has invited specific speakers to share and inform attendees about red light therapy and its contribution to biohacking possibilities.

Breathwork is also a growing biohacking trend seen spreading within Chiang Mai that is practiced and explained during Ryer’s sessions. Many breathwork workshops revolve around breathing techniques solidified by Dutch athlete and scientist, Wim Hof. The Wim Hof Method consists of cyclical breathing and controlled hyperventilation that oxygenates the body resulting in a myriad of positive health benefits. This breathwork is done in conjunction with ice baths that benefit the nervous system and reduce inflammation in the body. These practices have been routinely incorporated into Zen House meetings. Every Sunday afternoon, biohackers gather together for sessions of breathwork and ice baths. These sessions are free and open to the public and can be found on the events section of Jason Ryer’s Facebook page.

As discussion died down at the end of his most recent meeting, Ryer pondered “Modern medicine is good at keeping us alive, but is it good at keeping us healthy?” If you are interested in experimenting with your environment and with your body in the pursuit of increased health and wellbeing, join Jason Ryer and fellow biohackers at the Zen House on Sundays.

More information and event details can be found on Facebook: Jason Ryer – Zen Strength

Sunday afternoon Biohacker gathering at the Zen House