Absolute Health Chiang Mai – a patient’s experience

Supamas Chanakitcharoen shares her experience of Chiang Mai's Absolute Health.

By | Tue 1 May 2018

This month, we let the words of a long suffering patient who found relief, speak for Absolute Health.

Having suffered form severe illness since giving birth, Supamas Chanakitcharoen was introduced to Absolute Health in 2014. “Every time I went to a hospital to tell them about my pains, the results always came back positive and I kept being told that there was no disease or illness found,” said Supamas about her long ordeal before discovering Absolute Health. “I had aches in my neck, back, stomach. I had migraine and trouble sleeping. I felt extremely ill. I had nowhere to go and began treating myself with acupuncture. The Chinese doctor told me that my body was like a 70 year old woman as it was extremely unbalanced. There wasn’t much I could do. I took traditional Chinese medicine to ease my condition as all the pills and modern medicine I received gave me stomachache and saliva overflow.”

Supamas finally found her way to Absolute Health when she saw a booth at a shopping mall and in desperation gave them her blood to test. She was soon told that the levels of heavy metal in her blood was high, and was recommended chelation therapy, which she immediately tried. Chelation therapy is a detoxicate treatment removing heavy metal that is poison to the body. The therapy has been proven to be beneficial for various diseases including heart disease, stroke, cancer, and many illnesses. “I Googled what chelation therapy was and found that it’s a therapy available in German and many countries so I was interested. After I got the scanning result, I was amazed that it all collided with what the Chinese doctor told me. My body was unbalanced. My hormones were not in a good state and neither were my spleen and gland systems. My circulatory system was having a hard time delivering blood to my brain. It turns out that the major cause was mercury in my teeth fillings,” she said.

“I started to feel the change after my fifth chelation therapy. The first four gave me an exhausting feeling. I also did the hemodialysis along with my therapy. Now I literally feel alive like I have gained my energy back. Even my friends commented that I look more refreshed. I am not a spokesperson for Absolute Health, but when people keep asking me why I am looking so good and so healthy, I recommend them. Their treatment is accurate and can solve issues. They gave me a new life. I feel like I’m living in a body of my own age now.”

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