Gifting graduates: from teddy bears to Prompt pay

By | Wed 19 Jan 2022

If you were driving anywhere near the west of the city last week, you can’t have missed the annual Chiang Mai University graduation, held this year on the 13th and 14th January.

Traditionally, graduation presents include balloons, bouquets, stuffed animals, and of course the coveted cold hard cash.

Most of the presents such as balloons and bouquets of flowers are given to the graduates simply because they are Instagramable. Whereas the stuffed animals like teddy bears or puppies, are given to the graduates as a remind of the giver. The money is simply a reward and symbol of success while giving graduates a leg up for future endeavours.

Years after years, families and friends of the graduates get more and more creative with the graduation presents while somehow managing to keep it traditional.

This year, bank notes, often 20, 50, and 100 Thai baht, were stapled to create a scarf-like line wrapping around the graduates’ neck. Similarly, they are folded and shaped to resemble petals of roses to create a money bouquet.

Another creative modern way to congratulate the graduates is by transferring preferable amounts of money to their account. Graduates today often post their promptpay QR Code on their social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram days before the graduation ceremony…in hopes of some relative or family friend coughing up something. This way, families, relatives, and friends who are unable to attend the ceremony can still congratulate them for their success.


Photo credit: Tanachapan Patarajinda (Instagram @porrrjai)