Celebrate the legalisation of kratom with a KratomGoat cookout in Chiang Dao

Chiang Dao entrepreneurs to cook Kratom and roast goat, raising funds for those at Myanmar’s frontline, fighting for freedom and democracy.

By | Fri 17 Sep 2021
Certificate for guests, certifying their consumption of Kratom

On Saturday September 18th Chiang Dao entrepreneurs will celebrate the recent legalisation of Kratom by cooking massive cauldrons of the now legal drug and roasting a whole goat.

Konstantin Zwissler, the event’s CKO (Chief Kratom Officer) remarked: “Even before Kratom was legalised we had heard of it from our friends at the Burmese border. They called it ‘a soup that makes you fly’. From them we have learned the process. So when it came to celebrating the plant’s legalisation we knew any profits would have to go to support those risking their lives in the fight against tyranny over there.”

Flyer for the KratomGoat event

From 4:30pm until late
The event will take place atop a private green hill with clear views of the famous Doi Luang. Guests are invited to bring their tents or sleep in the local Sala. CGO (Chief Goat Officer) and founder of Dek Doi rentals, William Le Masurier expects the goat to be ready by 5pm: “We are dealing with a large animal of about 20kg. To achieve best taste we’ll start the fire around noon and slow roast the goat over ambers until the evening.”

Many locals contributing to the event
Ranging from cash donations, to beers and home cooked dishes many have decided to attend and contribute. Maxxis car mechanic ‘Knot’ has announced that he wishes to bring over a pickup truck to be painted with Kratom motifs at the event. Chiang Dao resident and famous Thai cooking author Kay Plunkett-Hogge with her husband Fred Hogge will be cooking their famous Jamaican rice and peas as a side dish. The premier coffee establishment Hoklhong will be experimenting with coffee and Kratom cold brews to provide an additional kick.

Finding out more
Updates from the event will be posted on the instagram account @dekdoi.chiangdao and @kz.thailand. There it is also possible to write the organizers any questions.

Location of the KratomGoat event