Citylife Garden Fair will be helping these great projects

We announce the Garden Fair’s charity beneficiaries for 2019. Support these great local causes at Chiang Mai's Big Day Out.

By | Tue 22 Oct 2019

Since 2005, when Citylife joined the Charity Rooftop Parties organised by Steve Yarnold to raise funds for the victims of Thailand’s tsunami, we have held annual or biannual Citylife Garden Fair events raising millions of baht for local charity.

This year, our Citylife Garden Fair has once again asked a team of dedicated independent volunteers, led by Dr. Joanne Robinson, who have received applications for funding from various charities, researching their works and studied their proposals.

The Citylife Garden Fair’s fundraising arm is now run 100% by a group of outside volunteers with its own auditor, Janet Kirwin, in order to avoid any possibility of conflict of interest with the company. All goods and services donated are handed over to the volunteers in order to raise funds in the Lucky Draw, the Silent and the Live Auctions. We hope that you all come along and bid on these fantastic items generously donated by Citylife’s friends and clients or take a chance at the lucky draw, where hundreds of thousands of baht of prizes can be had with a lucky draw ticket.

This year’s seven beneficiaries of our fair are as follows:

1. Partners Relief & Development

SEED Migrant Center – Language, Computer and Workshop Course Funding

The SEED Migrant Center in Chiang Mai seeks to empower migrant workers, offering them a better quality of life, educational opportunities, and reduced risk of exploitation and trafficking.

The funding will provide one month of language, computer and workshop courses that include health, social issues, human rights and trafficking preventions, leadership and vocational training.

The budget includes teachers’ salaries, teaching materials, classroom costs and student support materials.  This will benefit 60-80 students. We hope to be able to donate their requested 58,895 baht for this project.

2. Eiam Dee Recycle

Garbage Sorting for the Underprivileged – Educating the network of garbage and recycle personnel organisations, communities, villages, schools and universities

Helping people in need in a variety of groups in terms of donation of goods, scholarships, up skilling and education (targets are rural schools, the handicapped, recycle and garbage collectors working the streets, the homeless, the aged and the ill).

Building a strong team of volunteers to help in all these issues (target are children, students, youth and expats)

The upcoming project which will cover all of the above is slated to begin on the 1st of January 2020 and continue throughout the year. We hope to raise the requested 50,000 baht.

3. The Ayui Foundation

Scholarship support – Donation to cover Term two lunch costs which will total 26,000 baht.

4. Blue Sky Chiang Mai

Blue Sky project was formed to take action in response to raging fires and resulting air pollution threatening the health of school children.  Its goal is to return clean air and clear skies to Chiang Mai by combating PM2.5 pollution.

The money will go to 1) Equipment and Supplies for Fire Fighters along the perimeter of Doi Suthep/Doi Pui National Parks 2) Research and prevention activities in cooperation with Maejo University and Prem International School. To achieve this, we hope to raise 50,000 baht.

5. EACM Foundation

Neurofeedback sessions for children with developmental disorders

EACM aims to help vulnerable, disadvantaged children with autism, ADHD, LD and childhood trauma’s assistance to become productive adults.

The funding will give 10 neurofeedback sessions by a trained psychotherapist and neurofeedback practitioner to 10 children.  This will be one per week and will take three months in total. This project will cost 60,000.

6. Baan Dek Foundation

Community Education project – Importance of sustainability, waste management and Clean Energy

The foundation wishes to develop and strengthen its community and child development/non-formal education (NFE) sessions, integrating the two by further educating migrant children as to the importance of sustainability, waste management and clean energy.

The extensive project, which will include a low-tech app for phones, will be part funded by Citylife and match funded by BDF and private partners.

This will benefit approx. 1000 students and we hope to contribute 50,000 baht towards the cause.

7. Shan Women’s Action Network

While Citylife Garden Fair has a policy not to donate to the same beneficiaries within three years, to offer new foundations the chance to receive funding, one of our readers has requested to donate 10,000 baht directly to last year’s beneficiary the Shan Women’s Action Network. We will merely be facilitating his generous donation.

So there you go! Lots of great great people doing great great work which you can support by kindly donating your goods and services to our fair, should you have a business, or by coming along, buying Lucky Draw Tickets or bidding in our Auction. We look forward to seeing you all there and please help spread the word!

A huge thank you to Citylife’s wonderful volunteers who have kindly and selflessly lead the charge over the past many years. We are so grateful.