Chiang Mai’s favourite doggy park

The place to be to take your dog for a fun evening stroll and socialising …

By | Mon 24 Jan 2022

Feeling down? Drop by Angkeaw Reservoir, located in Chiang Mai University, on any given evening, and you are virtually guaranteed a happy mood.

This well-known landmark is busy every evening with both students and other Chiang Mai dog lovers, who gather daily to walk, jog and cycle. Some just come to hang out, catch up with their thoughts and admire a unique scenery in front of them where the water touches the horizon.

An area by Angkeaw Reservoir known as CMU park has turned into an open dog park where owners bring their dogs (even cats!) for a walk or to socialise.

You are welcome to take your dogs to the area in the early evening around 4-5 pm everyday, but expect more crowds on the weekends. There is good parking…and don’t forget to bring your doggy poo bag!

CMU park by Angkeaw Reservoir, Chiang Mai University
Open daily: 4pm – 7pm