Baby Home: a snapshot of life with Jarun

By | Thu 9 Jun 2022
Meet Mr. Jarun Singchawala, a local shop owner in Chiang Mai. Singchawala is the sole owner of ‘Baby Home’, a baby clothes store on Sithiwongse Road and has run his own business for 35 years.
Outside ‘Baby Home’ clothing store on Sithiwongse Road in Chiang Mai.
Some of Mr. Singchawala’s selection in his baby-clothes store ‘Baby Home’.

Located on a street corner in the Mueang Chiang Mai District is a baby clothes shop owned by Mr. Jarun Singchawala. The shop, ‘Baby Home’, has a wide selection of shoes, shirts, pants, dresses, and accessories for children who are infants to 8 years old. According to Singchawala, he imports the clothing from multiple factories in Thailand, China, and Vietnam. Mr. Singchawala has been in the baby clothes business for a long time, beginning as just a small stand about 35 years ago. Only in the last decade did he upgrade his location to Sithiwongse Road.

Mr. Jarun Singchawala poses for a portrait next to his pyjama selection.
Mr. Jarun Singchawala helps a customer choose a dress.
Some of the shoe selection in the ‘Baby Home’ shop.

When asked for his reason behind starting a baby-clothes business, Mr. Singchawala immediately pulled out his smartphone. While swiping through photos of his daughter and 13-month-old granddaughter, he explained how he had grown up as an orphan in Chiang Mai and that he greatly misses his daughter and granddaughter who live in the United States. Selling baby clothes, according to Singchawala, makes him “feel less lonely”. Mr. Jarun Singchawala awaits the day his granddaughter can come see his shop in the city that raised him.

Mr. Jarun Singchawala helps his customer with his large clothing selection.
A tiny bucket hat sits on a shelf in ‘Baby Home’ waiting to be purchased.
Mr. Jarun Singchawala shows one of many photos of his granddaughter who lives in the United States. He has quite the collection on his smartphone.