World Tea & Coffee Expo in the heart of Chiang Mai

By | Thu 19 Jan 2023

Chiang Mai will be hosting a world-class tea and coffee exposition at One Nimman at the end of this month, an event organised by the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB).

The coffee and tea industries have, in recent years, grown to become a significant contributor to the economy of the north, adding not only quality produce for Thai farmers to sell and export, but also creating cottage industries and new tourist destinations to the benefit of so many rural communities.

With a combined market of billions of baht per year, TCEB is aiming to help facilitate the growth of the industry by spotlighting the North’s competitiveness in the world of coffees and teas. There will be exhibitions, conferences, activities and a drive to pivot the north of Thailand into one of the world’s greatest destinations for tea and coffee.

In 2019 the World Tea & Coffee Expo was formed and this year will be its third year in a row.

A Cup of Success

This year’s expo will fall under the theme, ‘A Cup of Success’ to emphasise the successes of the Thai tea and coffee industries and the many possibilities to come. There will be a focus on trade, on education and sharing of knowledge, on showcasing the strength of the industries, on connecting the various players along the supply chain, on organising MICE activities for all participants, on expanding markets and connecting players as well as on featuring products and services under ‘The 3rd Tea and Coffee International Symposium’.

B2B2C Trade Opportunities

The World Tea & Coffee Expo 2023 will feature 45 exhibition booths to showcase products from across the northern region. There will also be five international booths, totalling 50 booths by businesses, all of whom have been screened and selected by TCEB for quality, innovation, and success.

A business matching activity will also be provided to open up opportunities to many businesses, with business to business pairings. Twenty businesses from across Thailand and five from abroad will be invited to participate in both online and offline activities. In a post pandemic world, TCEB has pivoted to offer more B2C opportunities by opening up this activity into a fair atmosphere. This will not only allow businesses to network, but also to gain access to the consumers.

It is estimated that over 10 million baht worth of trade will occur over the period of the event, with around eight million baht being traded between businesses and an anticipated two million baht in sales over the duration of the event itself. The target is for around one thousand participants from the general public to attend, though it is expected that this number will be much greater, due to the prime location of Nimman One.

International Symposium 

World experts in teas and coffees have been invited to attend and give talks to the public, broken down into the following;

A Cup of Success, featuring Thai success stories in furthering and expanding the tea and coffee industries. This event will be broken down even further into themes: Light Cup, discussing the direction of the global tea and coffee industries; Medium Cup, an overview of the Thai market and studying impediments to growth; and Dark Cup, focusing on export and how to enter the world market. Special Cup will be a thematic overview of both the tea and coffee tourism industries. The activities will be a hybrid of online and offline events.

Together We Grow 

Before the event begins, there will be brainstorming and coordination activities between the event partners which include local agencies, educational institutions, and related agencies, including Chiang Mai Province, Industrial Promotion Center Region 1, Department of Industrial Promotion, Department of Agricultural Extension, Chiang Mai Provincial Industrial Office, Tourism Authority of Thailand, Food Innovation and Packaging Center Chiang Mai University, Tea and Coffee Institute Mae Fah Luang, University, Speciality Coffee Association of Thailand, Thai Coffee Association and ASEAN Tea Organization (ATO).

There will be an MOU signing between parties during the press conference of the World Tea & Coffee Expo 2023 on January 19th, 2023 to

reinforce the common goal aiming to drive regional economic and enhance the

reputation for the North as “the land of world-class tea and coffee”.

Join the World Tea & Coffee Expo 2023, from 26th – 29th January 2023 at One Nimman.

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