Vibrant summer flavours at Oxygen Dining Room

If you are in need of some Oxygen, which includes some of the finest food to be found in Chiang Mai, then head to Oxygen Dining Room.

By | Tue 9 Apr 2024


There is no restaurant more appealingly named right here, right now, than Cross Chiang Mai Riverside’s Oxygen Dining Room. So if you are in need of some Oxygen, which includes superb views of the Ping River, some of the finest food to be found in Chiang Mai and a truly lovely dining experience, then take a deep breath, and head to Oxygen.

Oxygen Dining Room’s menu concept is the sophisticated blending and highlighting of the best of Thai tastes and produce with the most classic of French techniques. Both the Tourism Authority of Thailand and Michelin Guide Thailand 2023 have recommended Oxygen Dining Room.

Iron Chef Thailand winner and Executive Chef Wathit ‘Khem’ Rungrotwattana has, to celebrate the scorching summer, created a fabulous and excitingly creative menu which is guaranteed to impress the eyes and the palate…as well as any envious friends viewing on social media. Each separate menu highlights a different concept and it will be hard for any diner to make a decision…so we decided to try it all out for you!

The Thai Menu features the best of curated local produce found in local markets and communities; the Degustation Menu which highlights the freshest and best of the season is presented like a piece of art; and the Experience Menu which is designed to challenge dining perceptions through fine-tuning flavours and presenting Thai cuisine through the traditions of French techniques.

A highlight of the Thai Menu is the classic papaya salad, grilled chicken served with som tam dressing which brings the ubiquitous Thai dish onto a fine dining table. The special free range Tanaosree chicken’s thigh is rolled into a roulade before being cooked sous vide and topped with slithers of papaya and carrots. Dollops of peanut butter and som tam gel are then sprinkled with papaya-peel powder and chili. The som tam sauce is poured on just before serving, making for a creative and sophisticated serving of som tam, instantly recognised by any som tam loving Thai.

Another dish to be highlighted in the Thai menu is the pad Thai ravioli served with grilled Andaman tiger prawn and served with prawn chili gel, peanut gel and pad Thai sauce, each mouthful tasting like a classic pad Thai, but disconcertingly presenting like a classic Italian dish from the coasts of the Mediterranean.

Should you choose the exciting Degustation Menu, then you will get to try the delightful pan-seared foie gras served with slithers of fresh mango, a mango chutney mango chip, toasted brioche and a delicate cream de cassis sauce. A bone broth with vodka lemonade accompanies and balances out this punchy flavoured dish.

If you have a sweet tooth then you will also delight in the white chocolate and 63% dark chocolate fudge served with fresh strawberries and cream cheese ice cream, highlighting produce from Chiang Mai’s farmers.

Now, should you choose to go down the Experience Menu, then you are also in for a treat. One particular dish, the Atlantic Bluefin tuna two way is a must. The fresh fish is served tartare and pan-seared and is accompanied by boiled organic quail egg, Togarashi powder, wild rocket salad, black truffle mayo, Chiang Mai avocado guacamole, avocado gel and yuzu dressing – a medley which makes complete sense on the palate. Another special dish on this menu is the Chiang Mai organic onsen egg served in the classic French vol au vent filled with smoked chicken, parmesan croutons and an aromatic black truffle veloute.

The menu goes on…but we thought we would let you discover it all yourself!

An absolute breath of fresh air this summer at Oxygen Dining Room.

Oxygen Dining Room โรงแรม Cross Chiang Mai Riverside
Open daily: 11.30 am – 10 pm
Tel. 053 931 999

Menu Offer:
📌 Bistro Lunch: Open daily during 11.30 – 17.00 hrs.
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📌Afternoon Tea Set: Open daily during 14.00 – 17.00 hrs.
Afternoon Tea Set:
📌Exclusive Fine Dining Dinner: Open daily during 18.00 – 22.00 hrs.
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