Three exciting new eats

Citylife review three exciting new restaurant openings. Check these eateries out.

By | Thu 30 Jan 2020

Whether its throbbing fresh oysters from New Brunswich, thick juicy burgers oozing flavour or a breezy bar serving cocktails and munchies, check out these new venues.

Maré Seafood
Although we are far from the gentle lapping shores of the Gulf, and even further from the more turbulent waters of seas and oceans, with today’s frequent shuttles in and out of the airport, seafood in our fair city is just about as fresh as it comes.

Located in Rimping Supermarket’s Nawarat Branch, Maré Seafood is, ahem, making waves for its mouth-watering selection of premium seafood served in a swank setting which invites you to indulge. If you are an oyster lover, then look no further as pulsating oysters are imported live from France, Canada (try the French Kiss, its divine), United States, England and Ireland. If you squirt them with lemon juice they flinch. That’s how fresh they are. There is also a great selection of lobsters, salmon, scallops, tiger prawns and many more creatures from the sea which are cooked up or served raw to your liking. If your thing is top quality seafood served farang style, then this is the place for you! Oh and the wines and champagnes are premium and priced superbly reasonably.

Maré Seafood at Rimping Supermarket, Nawarat Branch
Open daily: 10am – 4pm, 5pm – 11pm
Tel: 088-055-5598
Facebook: mareseafoods

Jim’s Burger
Who’s got the best burger of them all? Well that’s an impossible question to answer, as every online forum about Chiang Mai’s burgers can attest. But if you like your burgers juicy, thick, homemade with a frill-free focus on quality of meat, then you must check out this new joint. With seven branches in Bangkok and one in Pattaya, Jim’s Burger Chiang Mai branch has just opened along Nimman and we are fans. Choose your bun – charcoal, spinach, whole wheat or original then go for the lava cheesy with pork or beef, both succulent and deeply satisfying. If these mammoth burgers aren’t enough to fill you then you can also order crunchy onion rings, large classic fries, rib eye beef steak or fried chicken – but we’ve ordered here a handful of times and can barely finish our burgers! Wash it all down with a fine selection of imported craft beers. Live music every Wednesday and Friday, 8pm – 10pm.

Jim’s Burger
Nimmanahaeminda Road
(opposite-ish entrance of soi 3)
Open daily: 11am – midnight
Tel. 093-554-7789
Facebook: Jim’s Burgers & Beers Niman

The View Bar
The Good View has been going from strength to strength in the decades since it first opened along the bank of the Ping River. The first major move was the creation of the Good View Village out in Mae Hia, and now they have added this super-cool new bar, The View Bar, to their portfolio. This newly opened bar is set in a zone within the same area of the Good View All Day Restaurant of Good View Village. The venue serves up a lively and vibrant ambiance with live music from bands and DJs every night. There is also a deck to chill out on: just order a refreshing drink with any of the tantalising appetisers and main dishes, and enjoy. Whether you’re here for the imported beer, the fine selection of wines and cocktails, a delicious brunch or dinner, this venue is ideal. You are pretty much guaranteed a good time, in a fun setting, with good vibes, great food and drinks, all at reasonable prices with the Good View brand.

The View Bar Chiang Mai
404 Moo 2 T. Mae Hia
Opening time: 6 pm – late night
Tel. 053-904-406
Facebook: The View Bar