Things to do with friends this Valentine’s Day

By | Mon 14 Feb 2022

It is no surprise that those of us who are single don’t really get too excited about Valentine’s Day…but it is about love after all, and couples surely don’t have the monopoly on love. So, let’s look at fun things you can do with your friends today if you are feeling in the mood for (platonic) love.

Soak in the sun at Huay Tueng Tao

Huay Tung Tao is a sure thing! Go alone and contemplate life, take a lover and hold hands in a bamboo pontoon, grab a Sangsom, some friends and have a party! Surrounded by nature, this is the perfect city getaway, a mere fifteen mins’ drive from pretty much anywhere in the city. For only 50 baht per person, it’s also superbly affordable.

ไปเที่ยวกัน! "ห้วยตึงเฒ่า" เปิดรับนทท.แบบ New Normal
Photo Credit: TNN

Treat yourself to a ‘Couples’ massageWhether you are a couple of giggling old friends, a couple of colleagues tired after work, a couple of cousins looking for a fun time, all ‘couples’ should surely be able to enjoy a wonderful Thai massage.  

Even if you and your friends decide to have separate spa experiences, Valentine’s Day is a great day to pratice self love through treating your body and mind with your friends.

อาจเป็นรูปภาพของ 3 คน และ ข้อความ
Photo Credit: Zira Spa 

Buy flowers at the Flower Festival 

Chiang Mai is well known throughout Thailand during the Flower Festival for its beautiful flower. Although the parade has already ended, the festival goes on till February 15th, and is open for Valentine’s Day. Located in the Chaloem Phrakriat Park, celebrate Valentine’s Day here by buying each other various colourful flowers and take a stroll sampling delicious food, being impressed with the night lights, sway to the live music or take endless selfies! Who needs a boyfriend anyway when you have your girlfriends to buy each other flowers.

มหกรรมไม้ดอกไม้ประดับ เชียงใหม่ 2562 สวยอลังเหมือนอยู่เมืองหนาว
Photo Credit: Mthai 

Explore a local bookstore and chat in a café

A more lad back and easy going activity to do with your friends this Valentine’s Day is to enjoy reading and writing together at a atmospheric café. Chiang Mai has many English bookstores for locals and tourists to discover. In the East of the Old City there are bookshops such as Suriwong Book Center, Book Zone, and Gecko Book, while in the Old City there is the Lost Book Shop. Within the Maya  Lifestyle Shopping Centre in the Nimman area, there is also a bookstore called Asia Books. Flip through books, discuss them with your friends, have a coffee and take the day to focus on working on you and your friends’ mental health by calming your mind with literature.

Photo Credit: Asia Books 

Order a Mr. Dick…yes, you read it right

Alone at home and in need of a giggle? Or out with friends and still in need of a giggle? Order a penis-shaped waffle from the naughty Mister Dick with some rather naughty names from ‘Shame on You’, to ‘Dirty Talk’; ‘French Kiss’ to ‘Dirty Cupid’.

Photo Credit: Mister Dick Chiang Mai 

Dip Into the San Kamphaeng Hot Springs 

Soak your sins away at San Kamphaeng Hot Spring. Located in the Mae On distirct, the natural hot spring water can greatly benefit one’s body by relaxing it and skin by all the mineral solutions. Chat and bond amongst your friends while receiving the benefits from the Spring water. If you’d like to further your relaxation massages are also available on the site.

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Go out for drinks on a Rooftop Bar 

A perfect way to end Valentine’s Day would be to watch the sunset over Chiang Mai. Rooftop bars make this possible along with providing refreshing alcoholic beverages for you to enjoy over the chat with your friends. If you’d like to enjoy your view near the Ping River the Sala Lanna hotel is a great option, or if you are looking for a more fancy place Myst in the Maya Shopping Mall would be a best for you. There are endless rooftop bars with different features such as location, drinks, style, and type of view. With most bars closing at midnight it makes for a perfect night activity for any group of friends to let loose and enjoy their Valentine’s Day.