The Food Trust’s tasty philosophy

The Food Trust serves up delicious food made by talented chefs working in Thailand and focuses on health and sustainability philosophy

By | Tue 18 Jul 2023


The Food Trust is a food destination unlike any other here in Chiang Mai. It serves up delicious food made by some of the best chefs working in Thailand today. The restaurant infuses its health- and sustainability-focused philosophy throughout its entire concept, it’s menu is filled with creativity, delight and surprise that only experience can pull off and it has potential to make real impact on how we work with, consume and talk about food here in our fair city.

With enough awards between them to fill multiple pantries, four renowned chefs and friends came together with a vision: to serve creative, delicious and healthy food which is sustainable for both the environment as well as the producers, farmers and consumers. Chef Duangporn ‘Bo’ Songvisava and her husband Chef Dylan Jones, owners of Bo.lan Restaurant in Bangkok, famous for its sustainable and elevated approach to local and traditional Thai cuisine, have come up from Bangkok along with restauranteur and pizza Olympian, Chef Paolo Vitaletti of Peppina restaurant fame to join forces with Chiang Mai resident and celebrity chef Andy Ricker whose Pok Pok restaurants took the US by storm in the mid 2000s, credited with introducing the US to more regional Thai cuisine, specifically northern and Isaan.

Let’s start with the location – Rachawongse Road, where The Food Trust sits, is undergoing a very recent revival, with old Chinese warehouses and shops being converted into all sorts of interesting new cafes, bars, restaurants and shops. The Food Trust itself sits in what used to be Chiang Mai’s first and largest toy store and is now a significant addition to the Rachawongse revival.

Whether you are coming as a group or alone, there will be something on the menu to please everyone. And with so many dishes that are unique to this menu, perhaps its wise to order a craft beer or a delicious aperitivo along with a nibble of watermelon seeds mixed with kaffir lime, ginger, shallots, chilli and seasoning, to enjoy while making up your mind as to what to order.

Each chef, with their decades of experience, have sourced some of the most exciting and ethical suppliers in the country for fresh as well as processed products to not just serve, but also sell in the shop which is featured across the restaurant. There are great starters from which to choose, and we started off with a healthy beetroot salad with chickpeas, rocket salad and cherry tomatoes which comes with a refreshing yogurt dressing. We also ordered a carpaccio alla Lanna, where slithers of thinly sliced tenderloin is mixed in Northern larb herbs and served with a vigorous shot of vodka. Other starters to try are the salted fish arancini, the super tasty and perfectly baked Peppina verde garlic bread with extra virgin olive oil and the deliciously tender and deeply infused flavours of the turmeric squid served with Sriracha sauce.

Once the appetite has been whet, it is time to dig into a slice of Chef Paolo’s pizzas, repeatedly awarded title of best pizza not just in Thailand, but also honoured as one of the top 50 in the world. While you can try one of his classic Neapolitan pizzas such as the prosciutto or the Margherita, there are some toppings which are an homage to Chiang Mai such as the khao soy pizza, complete with pickled mustard greens, shallots, khao soy sauce and smoked cheese or the sai-ua spicy sausage pizza with cauliflower, picked ginger, tomato, coriander and fried kaffir leaves. The crust is nice and crispy and the super thin pizza dough a perfect bite for all the exotic and classical topics on the menu.

The Food Trust is somewhere every foodie in Chiang Mai must check out. Whether it is to enjoy a cold brew coffee in the café area, to sample superb pizzas and creative food at the restaurant, to enjoy creative cocktails or the wine and beer menus at the upstairs bar, topping up your body and home care products at the refilling station, shopping at the delicatessen featuring some locally made products or joining one of their occasional workshops on a multitude of topics from health to sustainability.

If you are a foodie, then you can’t miss this homage to environmentally responsible and world class cooking.

The Food Trust
Open daily: 11 am. – 9 pm.
Booking: LINE Official: ‘@thefoodtrust’