The Duke’s Hang Dong is open “The Duke’s at The Gallery”

The Duke’s Hang Dong is open "The Duke's at The Gallery" where all of The Duke’s classic and favourite dishes are served

By | Fri 16 Sep 2022


Walk into the floor-to-ceiling glassed The Duke’s at The Gallery in Hang Dong and you will likely have to take a moment to look around, as this new branch of the iconic restaurant is simply stunning. Black steel-rimmed glass panes are framed by gorgeous Indian-imported accents and reliefs. A vast and sleek looking kitchen can be seen from one of the three dining areas, with another featuring the old bar from the now-closed Promenada Branch, and then there is the intimate private room with plenty of seatings. 

There is also a lovely veranda overlooking the antiques and decorative items stored by neighbouring shop, Golden Triangle, and this will likely be a popular spot in winter as the weather cools. 

A sumptuous display of cakes winks and flirts with your appetite as you walk into the door of the already-bustling restaurant where all of The Duke’s classic and favourite dishes are served.

Pizzas arrive on ginormous trays, salads are fresh and organic, steaks juicy and cooked to perfection and all the crowd pleasers are available at the exacting standards we come to expect – but with a lovely flourish in presentation. 

“As usual, we make all of our food from scratch, as we have always done,” beamed David Anichowski, The Duke’s owner. “We also use organic and fresh locally grown produce. There will be a new menu coming soon, but don’t worry, we will keep all the favourites.”


It was lunch time, mid week, when we visited and there was a table celebrating three birthdays, multiple large groups having what looked like working lunches, at least half a dozen families and single diners grabbing a casual burger. The restaurant seems to have hit a vein with Hang Dong locals – Thai and international – and this also means you will all be getting your deliveries speedier too (only on MealsonWheels).

Free delivery for the first 5 km
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The Duke’s at The Gallery
Open daily: 10am -10pm
Tel. 093 130 0799