Thai wagyu at Fresh Harvest Farm

Set on the main road on Nimmanhaemin Road, Fresh Harvest Farm is a must try destination for all meat lovers

By | Tue 27 Feb 2024


Set on the main road on Nimmanhaemin Road, just past Nimman One, is a must try destination for all meat lovers. Fresh Harvest Farm is a small little butchery and restaurant bar serving some superbly succulent cuts of Thai wagyu.

“We raise our local Thai cattle, which are strong and suitable for our weather and environment, but have utilised all of the expertise and long knowledge of the Japanese wagyu farming techniques,” explained Fresh Harvest Farm’s manager. “Our farms are in Chonburi and Tak provinces and our cattle are fed the best feed produced in Thailand, including our world renown jasmine rice which makes the flavour truly unique.“

You can simply pop into Fresh Harvest Farm and pick any cut of beef to take home, or order a beer or a glass of wine and take your picks from a very comprehensive menu, each dish designed to highlight Fresh Harvest Farm’s cuts.

The Citylife team decided to order an entire spread so that we could really get to see how the Thai wagyu stands up against other meats. We tried the beef cheek red wine stew which simply melted and oozed in our grateful mouths, then moved onto the buttery and creamy bone marrow with Thai herbs before braving the cute little bites of Thai tartar served larb style along with tasty bread, like a canapé. We even tried the top round steak with rice which was more than a full meal as well as the classic Thai pad krapao wagyu, which elevated the ubiquitous dish to a whole new level.

Fresh Harvest Farm serves burgers,steaks, lite snacks, stews, classic rice-topped dishes, pasta, salads and fusion food. It is experimental, it is fun, it is designed for people who love beef to really explore what can be done with it. Best of all it’s all Thai beef!

So if you are just looking for some fine cuts to take home to throw onto your grill, or want to take a bunch of friends for a night out working at the alter of meat, check out Fresh Harvest Farm.

6/25 Nimmanhaemin Soi 2
Open daily: 12 pm. – 11 pm.
Tel. 081-468-3754