Street Food: Lung Nom Bar.B.Q.

Starting at just 5 baht a stick Lung Nom Bar.B.Q. doesn't just provide great value it tastes amazing too!

By | Wed 18 Mar 2020


Ying is a photographer who has been working in Chiang Mai mediascape for as long as we remember. Any self-respecting Thai photographer knows food photography and Ying is no different, constantly sharing her food stories and photos with her many online followers.

We ask her to recommend her favourite street eat this month and she immediately says Lung Nom Bar.B.Q, a street-side stall along Thai Pae Road (on the moat side opposite The Pizza Company) which opens after 6pm daily. Lung Nom has operated his business for more than 20 years and Ying has been his customer about that long.

Small sticks cost a charming 5 baht while large sticks go for 10 baht. Options include chicken, pork and beef as well as other choices such as sun-dried pork, grilled sticky rice with egg and coconut milk aroma, and chicken drumsticks. Lung Nom says his secrets are the grilling and the sauce which is a special butter coconut milk sauce with pepper.

Lung Nom Bar.B.Q.
Tel. 087 789 5562