Som Tum Der

Som Tum Der is an award winning international restaurant chain serving classic Isaan cuisine. Authentic, tasty cuisine beautifully presented.

By | Thu 2 May 2019

“This is like having a som tam in Sakon Nakorn!” exclaimed our production manager after the first bite. The reason we were so surprised, you see, was that this som tam restaurant’s New York branch had grabbed a coveted one star by Michelin Guide and we were expecting some international elements, clever twists or variations to the classic Isaan dishes. In fact, this chic little som tam shop in Nimman One couldn’t be more authentic in flavours and overall presentation.

With branches far and wide, from London to Tokyo, Ho Chi Minh City to Bangkok and now here in Chiang Mai, we were also surprised to find how reasonably priced all the dishes were.

The owner is from Bangkok, but has now made Chiang Mai his home and interestingly enough the head chef, who oversees all the branches around the world, is in fact from Chiang Mai, so he can’t be happier to bring his cooking home.
In 2014, the chef explained, people in New York were seeking more ethnic and exotic cuisines to explore and expand their palates and it was at this time that Som Tum Der opened its New York branch, becoming an instant hit. Two years later they were awarded their one star, solidifying their reputation as a consistently high quality restaurant serving impeccable Isaan flavours.

We loved all of the dishes, especially the various som tums and spicy salads, and one thing we insist you all must try is the fry chicken, which is divine.

Somtum Der  Chiang Mai
1/1 Nimmanhaemin Soi 1 (One Nimman)
Open daily 11am – 10pm
Tel. 090 325 1181
Facebook: Somtum Der ส้มตำเด้อ เชียงใหม่