Royal Cuisine: Fermented Tea Leaves ‘Miang’

Still made in the traditional way

By | Mon 16 Oct 2017


Fermented Tea Leaves ‘Miang’

To find the perfect leaf for the local miang snack of Northern Thailand, people have to venture into the forest to find the allusive tea leaves that are then fermented in water for a night. The simple fermentation removes the strong leafy flavours and leaves a delicate taste that is certainly one worth trying. In the case of Aunt Somsri, she takes them home and stores them in a vacuum jar for at least six months to enhance the flavour even further. Molded into a bite sized ball, the authentic miang would be wrapped around a ball of sweet coconut, peanut and palm sugar with a dash of salt.

Somsri Saree-in, a Miang producer in Doi Saket
PhoNan Singtoh shop, Pha Dung Doi Dan Market
086 757 7399